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  1. Harsh Truth

    Venues of Morrissey

    With the prospects of seeing Morrissey take the stage anytime soon being grim, post a photo of a venue where you’ve seen Morrissey live in the past. Note the location and year in your reply. Lowell Memorial Auditorium Lowell, Massachusetts USA 1997
  2. Harsh Truth

    NYC Hammerstein Ballroom new date Sep. 17; Apollo Theater cancelled due to scheduling issues with the venue

    From The Bowery Presents: Morrissey’s upcoming March date in NYC at Hammerstein Ballroom has been postponed. Hammerstein’s new date will be on Sept 17th. Tickets purchased for the original Hammerstein Ballroom show are valid for the new date. The sold out engagement at Apollo Theater...
  3. Harsh Truth

    Boston Orpheum Theatre (Dec. 7) cancelled "due to illness in the touring party" according to FB page

    Orpheum Theatre posted in the FB event that the show has been cancelled. Orpheum Theatre Boston It is with great regret that we must inform you that tomorrow evening’s Morrissey performance at The Orpheum has been cancelled due to illness in the touring party. The Orpheum team apologizes...
  4. Harsh Truth

    Judy is a Punk rip?

    Would someone consider uploading a rip of the 7" B-Side live version of "Judy is a Punk"? Thank you.
  5. Harsh Truth

    Anyone received their Houston tickets yet?

    .....the only reason I wonder is that I got a notice the day I bought them (last Wed) that they had shipped, but a week later I haven't seen them. Normally I wouldn't be concerned (Ticketmaster, for example, takes a couple weeks usually) but this is my first time using Subwire, the official...
  6. Harsh Truth

    Brooklyn, NY: Morrissey/Smiths After Party 9/24
  7. Harsh Truth

    REQ: Morrissey @ Rock Am Ring Festival 2006

    I just listened to this on YouTube for the first time in several years - great performance. At one point I had good quality audio of this show, but can't seem to find it. Does anyone have it handy and feel like sharing? Thanks.
  8. Harsh Truth

    TTY: Morrissey Far East; pushed back until a time when there is a new recording

    Re: no Moz live dates - TTY So there you have it. All is quiet on the Morrissey front for 2016 (at least), it would seem.
  9. Harsh Truth

    NYE Report

    Those hoping Moz might commerate his first-ever NYE show with something special were rewarded BIG TIME: the return of "All the Lazy Dykes" to the set. The audience was..... Underwhelmed.
  10. Harsh Truth

    CA/NV Shows

    I'm coming out for the SF/LA/LV shows. Any other folks traveling in for these? Aside the nutters who attend every concert globally, of course.
  11. Harsh Truth

    (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden

    I just did a quick-and-dirty edit of the two available versions of Rose Garden to create a single, complete version as a MP3. Sound quality is just okay, and is simply ripped from YouTube, but it should do in a pinch. Hopefully a better quality, complete version will eventually surface...
  12. Harsh Truth

    Nashville venue, date changed (Ryman Auditorium, July 3, 2015)

    Re: Nashville venue has been changed That sucks for you. Sorry. Also a date change is always problematic for any out-of-towners who were going to attend. Although the Ryman is probably a better venue. Can't believe they reassigned you to a crap ticket though. You should definitely raise a stink.
  13. Harsh Truth

    I may have an extra GA West 1 ticket for MSG

    Not sure quite yet, but good chance I will have one extra. Thought I'd put it out there if anyone is looking for one. Hard ticket, we would have to meet up sometime tomorrow afternoon/early evening. I'd let it go for $140, under face value. I will know for sure later today. PM me if...
  14. Harsh Truth

    Great ticket available for Philly

    Dead Center Balcony Box 38, Seat #4 which is in the 2nd of 2 rows in that box on the aisle. Will sell for $85, paypal. PDF ticket which can be emailed upon receipt of funds. Face is $70. The rest is fees. I am not marking this up in an exorbitant manner. PM ASAP. Map...
  15. Harsh Truth

    New Orleans pre/post show

    Any locals know of good spots nearby the venue for pre/post show festivities? Any joints that attract an eclectic crowd and (ideally) have a selection of Moz and Smiths on the jukebox?
  16. Harsh Truth

    Slow Page Loading - "waiting for"

    On one of my machines, I'm noticing a slow page load of this site recently, using both Firefox and Chrome. In the lower left corner, it states "waiting for". Chances are it some sort of ad-ware that I need to clean up on my end, but just thought I'd post here to see if...
  17. Harsh Truth

    TTY: Music awards are none of your business

    Re: New on TTY: "Music awards are none of your business." Drivel.
  18. Harsh Truth

    Moz with Jackson Browne photo at Buffy Sainte-Marie concert in Los Angeles (Feb. 8, 2015)

    This is a strange photo. Odd combo of people. And Morrissey looks like a bodybuilder.
  19. Harsh Truth

    2014 Setlist

    Predictions? Requests? Obviously he'll be doing 6-8 new songs each night. I just hope we see some fresh additions from the back catalog and not the same old songs he's been doing 2011-2013. In particular, I feel Ouija Board, To Give (The Reason I Live), Far Off Places, Paris, and One Day...
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