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  1. Walter Ego

    NY tickets required

    Two friends have been let down with their NY tickets (gen ad floor) and they've already booked flights/hotel from UK. If anyone has spares to sell at face value please send me a pm.
  2. Walter Ego

    RIP Foxy

    That's it.
  3. Walter Ego

    Solo is da bomb, innit
  4. Walter Ego

    Megaupload closed.

    File sharing site Megaupload has been shut down. Employees may face prosecution. It's not looking good for file sharers at the moment.
  5. Walter Ego

    Thanks David

    Thanks David and crew for another year. Despite certain unfortunate events this remains the best Morrissey fan site and is still the one we ALL check first for information and exclusive news. I'm not sure why you do it anymore but thousands of us are very pleased that you do. Happy...
  6. Walter Ego

    Iggy Pop advert for PETA

    Iggy talks about seal clubbing. It's for PETA doncha know. Caution, some bloody cruel scenes.
  7. Walter Ego

    Stay safe when enjoying Morrissey

    Morrissey condoms
  8. Walter Ego

    More Twitter talk

    Short but interesting exchange of views earlier between ex NME 'ead 'itter @timjonze and Moz loving @banjaxer As Jonzzzzzzze was the first to throw an insult I declare him the loser. And that's final.
  9. Walter Ego

    Grimsby back on sale...

    Today at 15.15 (uk time) Grimsby standing and seats at gigs and tours..
  10. Walter Ego

    Desert Island Discs

    This has probably already appeared here, but I couldn't be bothered searching. Please move if required... BBC Radio 4 has a feature where you can choose your own Desert Island Discs. I enjoyed it and thought you might. Here it is: And here's Mozzer's page...
  11. Walter Ego

    Poor Mike Joyce?

    MJ has just said he cannot afford to take his whole family to the FA cup final later this month. Strange that.
  12. Walter Ego

    Slaughter & the dogs poster

    From a gig they played at the Wythenshawe Forum, Manchester. Oh yes, I remember it well....
  13. Walter Ego

    NOTW apology (Murdoch owned British newspaper caught phone tapping)

    NOTW apologise for being caught phone tapping, but not for the years of racism, lies and filth they've peddled
  14. Walter Ego

    Live in London? Want to go to the FA Cup semi?

    Do you live in London & want to go to the FA cup semi-final between Man City and Man(ure) United? A friend of mine will swap a ticket (great seat) for a place to stay for the night after the match. You have spare room.. he has the ticket. He's a big Moz fan so guaranteed nice bloke. I'm...
  15. Walter Ego


    Why? Just leave the f*** alone unless something is in the wrong place. FFS.
  16. Walter Ego

    Your comments please

    A close friend of mine is planning to write an article about that Morrissey bloke to coincide with the forthcoming UK tour. Yes I know there's already plenty out there but that's nothing to do with me. Anyway he or she has asked me to ask you how you would finish the sentence below in six words...
  17. Walter Ego


    Have you noticed how many people equate men liking Morrissey with homoeroticism? In almost every documentary or biographical article on Moz it is said that normally heterosexual males are attracted to Mozzer on a homoerotic level. It is often said that when straight men reach out to him at...
  18. Walter Ego

    Morrissey & Smiths driving music?

    I would like to make a mixed cd of the best Moz/Smiths driving songs. Any suggestions? Ta.
  19. Walter Ego

    Billy Fury interview

    Superb archive ... includes this Billy Fury interview.
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