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  1. starless

    Morrissey in Conversation, new edition is available now

    I've been waiting for this for a while. Came out today:
  2. starless

    'Action Is My Middle Name' is Rolling Stone's editor's pick

    Editor's Picks: Morrissey, 'Action Is My Middle Name' POSTED: JUNE 28, 10:47 AM ET | By ROB SHEFFIELD
  3. starless

    1 Webster ticket NYC

    1 Webster ticket NYC - sold --------
  4. starless

    Time For Jesse To Go?

    Is it time for Jesse to go?
  5. starless

    Je Suis Morrissey shirt for sale

    Medium size, brand new, never worn. I bought it for myself but it is a little short on me (I am 6'3). Still has the stickers on it and everything. I will take best offer and ship to an US address or you can pick it up in NYC. Cheers!
  6. starless

    ignored users comments

    I am not sure if this has been brought up before. You can still see ignored users comments if they are quoted by another user in the thread.
  7. starless

    Don't get too perky (Morrissey's wiki entry) That's fantastic. The photo changes every 3 days. 'Website' under his portrait links to morrissey-solo. Some idiot added "Morrisey Has Brought Out A new Album..Morrisey-Greatest Hits!". I am afraid to start reading the text ... Show some deference to the...
  8. starless

    The Perfect Morrissey Song

    I just want to state that _I Know Very Well How I Got My Name_ is probably the perfect Morrissey song. Short, simple and sweet. People like the _Dear God Please Help Me_ melody, but dislike the lyrics, some can't stand the _Speedway_ intro or the solos in _Southpaw Grammar_. But how can you...
  9. starless

    Most underrated Morrissey song?

    What is Morrissey's most underrated song?
  10. starless

    Looking for the "Je suis Morrissey" shirt

    Does anyone know how to get the shirt in Europe?
  11. starless

    Ive Changed my Plea - 1990 TV - mp3?

    Does anyone have this in a good quality mp3? I have only seen the video, but would love to have the song only! Thanks
  12. starless

    Speedstar - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (cover)

    Speedstar were an Australian band from Brisbane. They split up a couple of years ago. I think they were somewhat popular at the time. An unusual cover of There Is a Light:
  13. starless

    Wanted: GA ticket for Borgata concert

    I can pick it up in NYC.
  14. starless

    I've Changed My Plea to Guilty

    I keep hearing: "I am standing in the dark, with my innocent hand on my heart" However according to WWW the lyrics are supposed to go: "I am standing in the dock..." Is it really "dock"? Doesnt "dark" make more sense regarding the "inside" and "outside" references later in the song...
  15. starless

    Still Ill: Borgata postponed

    From The Borgata page: "Please note this show has been POSTPONED. A new date will be forthcoming"
  16. starless

    Morrissey concerts in NJ - anyone driving

    Is anyone driving to the NJ concerts? I need a ride from NYC and back, we could share the gas and all.
  17. starless

    The NYC concert

    So, it is still on? What are the chances of it being canceled? When do you guys start lining up?
  18. starless

    Work is a 4-letter word

    Does anyone else like this song? I was under the impression that people hated it ... Marr did.
  19. starless

    Request: Cemetry Gates Music Video

    Does anyone have it? I've been looking everywhere ...
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