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  1. Craig

    1991 Ouija Board jacket patch

    Does anyone know anything about the jean jacket patch with the Ouija Board cover that was sold on the 1991 tour? Apparently, I was the only person ever to have purchased one because I can't find any pictures online, no records on eBay etc. Can it really be that rare? I'm trying to come up with a...
  2. Craig

    Roy's Keen 7" for sale

    I'm selling my Roy's Keen 7" if anyone's interested. I'm in the US but can ship anywhere. PM me. Thanks! Craig
  3. Craig

    Peepholism and Lot of 10 Postcards on eBay

    EDIT: I lowered the price of Peepholism and if anyone goes for it I'll throw in the postcards for free (if there are no bids on them). Thanks! - Craig Hello! I've listed my paperback copy of Peepholism (Buy It Now) and a lot of 10 postcards (99 cent auction) if anyone is interested...
  4. Craig

    90s Britpop Collection for Sale: Oasis, Blur, Gene, umm...Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine?

    I'm selling my Britpop records and CDs (and other kinds of music too). If you're interested, please PM me with an offer. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!! Craig
  5. Craig

    Any mid-90s Britpop Collectors? (Blur, Oasis, Gene, Suede etc.)

    Hi All, If there are any oldies (like me) who collect mid-90s Britpop, I'm selling what I have. Not as large as my Moz/Smiths collection but I have quite a few CDs, 12"s and 7"s of the following: Oasis, Blur, Gene, Elastica, Suede, Pulp, Supergrass, The Wedding Present, Radiohead, Super...
  6. Craig

    Moz/Smiths Collection and Posters and Books For Sale

    Hi All, It's me again. I'm still trying to sell my collection - piece by piece. Here's an updated list of everything I have left, along with reduced prices: [Eidt: removed outdated list] . I can ship worldwide and can give additional discounts if you buy more than one thing. Here's the link to...
  7. Craig

    Peepholism For Sale (plus other stuff).

    Pristine soft-bound copy of Peepholism on sale for $75 (+ $5 shipping within US, slightly higher without). PM me or email me direct at [email protected] I also have an older post called "Collection For Sale." I still have 200+ pieces that I'm selling off by ones and twos to anyone...
  8. Craig

    Collection for Sale

    Hi All, I was a rabid collector and a Morrissey freak in the 90s but it's time for me to pass my collection on. I'm willing to work a deal if you want multiple items. I'm in the US but can ship anywhere. I know this list is hard to read, but if you send me your email, I can send an Excel copy...
  9. Craig

    Peepholism for sale.

    $90 + shipping. PM me if interested. Thanks, Craig
  10. Craig

    Morrissey Books for Sale

    I am selling: New York Dolls James Dean Is Not Dead Peepholism PM me if interested. ***EDIT: 1. The New York Dolls book is the '95 reissue with certificate of authenticity (#493 of 500). 2. The James Dean book is the 1984 second printing with Morrissey's name on the cover -...
  11. Craig

    Roy's Keen UK 12" - SEALED! + LPs for Sale

    Roy's Keen UK 12" - Sealed in original shrinkwrap / never opened - $99 USD + shipping. I also have: World of Morrissey UK LP Maladjusted US LP (Mercury) Maladjusted UK LP (Island) Best of Morrissey Suedehead UK LP Your Arsenal UK LP all in excellent condition. PM me if you're...
  12. Craig

    Rare-ish items for sale

    Hi All, Please PM me if you're interested in any of the following: Bona Drag - (original) UK LP The CD Singles '91-'95 - 9-CD Box Set (gold box) Debut Magazine with LP Education In Reverse - Aus LP Headmaster Ritual - Dutch 12" Hold On To Your Friends - (original) UK 12" # 05017...
  13. Craig

    Rarities for Sale - Some more rare than others

    PM me if you're interested. Thanks! Billy Budd 1-track promo CD Bona Drag UK LP Boxers UK 12” Boxers 1-track promo CD Certain People UK 12” Education In Reverse Aussie LP Everyday UK 12”, 1-track promo CD Glamorous Glue 1-track promo CD Hold On To Your Friends UK 12” Malady Lingers...
  14. Craig

    Selling Standard Collection - All Offers Welcome

    *I plan to sell individual pieces separately so PM me if you need a picture of something or if you have any questions. I could also probably email an OpenOffice spreadsheet copy of the list if you want. PayPal is cool and I can ship wherever. Thanks! - Craig I'm ready to sell my fairly...
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