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  1. simonmoz

    I thought I had been banned?

    I'm on the list of users who has been banned. (after I requested it) Get a move on, I havent got all day. eh?
  2. simonmoz

    Over 18's section

    You don't like my picture? It's the best one I have of me.....
  3. simonmoz

    Over 18's section

    Enough crap. Are you a guy or a girl then?
  4. simonmoz

    The official 'post whatever you want to' thread.

    Go on then, post whatever you like. Here's my contrabution, MINGE
  5. simonmoz

    The Other Smiths

    They were pretty cool when I saw them
  6. simonmoz

    To American voters

    I'm happy with that hunter. Besides, Jo seems like a really nice guy. Ok Jo mate, respect.
  7. simonmoz

    Are you a bird or a bloke? - round 2 Public poll

    Anyway, we want proof, so post pics of your genitals please.
  8. simonmoz

    To American voters

    Oh I don't hate you Jo, hate is a pretty strong word you know..... But you are a troll.
  9. simonmoz

    To American voters

    HA! Sussed you didn't I :D
  10. simonmoz

    To American voters

  11. simonmoz

    Members Pics

    f***ing hell, are you sure?
  12. simonmoz


    I prefer the shortgoats.
  13. simonmoz

    art on Election Day USA

    Er, gee thanks for that, how nice...... (Sarcasm).
  14. simonmoz


    Marmite is LUSH! Also keeps the mozzy's away when in a hot country......
  15. simonmoz

    Tom Chaplin from Keane commits suicide

    Oh, have they made 4 albums then?
  16. simonmoz

    Tom Chaplin from Keane commits suicide

    They really are shite mate, Morrissey wouldn't be happy with you for saying that :)
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