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  1. Denia

    retroCRUSH favorite 80's band poll scroll down the page a bit well, you know who to vote for. no, not the cure..
  2. Denia

    toothpaste for dinner ["the most addictive comic on the web"]

    My god, do i love Toothpaste For Dinner [the comic, i mean..] is anyone else into this nonesense? some of my favorites:
  3. Denia

    The Official "LOL" Thread

    embrace your dry humor. post stuff.
  4. Denia

    This, which I hadn't seen I like the freely-speaking-into-the-camera deal more than the normal blah interview.
  5. Denia

    The Official "Favorite Word" Thread

    I'm personally a big fan of "fluffernutter".
  6. Denia

    Traumatizing Experiences

    Late last night I was awake doing school work (as usual) and after finishing a glass of cranberry juice, I walked it my kitchen to wash it. Just then I took a step back and felt something soft at my heel (I was barefoot) then followed my a high-pitched squeak. I quickly shifted and looked down...
  7. Denia

    Be Your Own Pet

    My new locker in gym class (new school, ya know) has a "be your own pet" sticker plastered on its right side. Clearly, the previous owner was into them... the band, does anyone know anything about them? Are they pure crap or worth listening to?
  8. Denia

    Songs You Could Commit Suicide Over (if played constantly)

    So far, I've come up with 37: 1. "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls 2. If you're happy and you know it... 3. "Don't Worry, Be happy" Bobby McFerrin 4. "Come On Eileen" Dexys Midnight Runners 5. "Play That Funky Music, White Boy" Wild Cherry 6. "What If God Was One Of Us" Joan...
  9. Denia

    Your goals.. we all have things we'd like to achive

    I personally have my mind set on producing an all-boy country trio called the Chixie Dicks.
  10. Denia

    People you take interest in (besides Moz)

    Pictures will be appretiated.
  11. Denia

    The Arcade Fire..

    .. one of the reasons we don't take Canada's land. [hardy-harr-harr] But honestly, don't you dig them? If we speak of the best bands out there today, they're definitely somewhere at the top.
  12. Denia

    What artist/band has the most annoying fans?

    I mean besides mozzer.
  13. Denia

    Karr cleared in Ramsey case

    DNA didn't match. He's a free man... for now.
  14. Denia

    ~ The 'All things UNPLEASANT' thread ~

    well... go on...
  15. Denia

    Ever get sick of hearing your own voice?

    Since the day I tested the microphone in my school's auditorium I've been self-concious about my voice. I'm starting to think I sound like a female version of Marlon Brando.. Weird paranoia- what to do, what to do?
  16. Denia

    Johnny Marr with Modest Mouse?! Am I the only one who didn't know this?

    "In 2006, it was confirmed that Marr was a member of the American band Modest Mouse. It has been revealed he not only wrote some of the songs on the album that the band is working on, but is also playing guitar on the album." -wikipedia If anyone has more info about this, please, do share...
  17. Denia

    "Morrissey sucks!" (first thought that came to mind upon reading that...)

    oh, c'mon. everyone on this board must have heard that a hundred times (maybe less, maybe more). when some fool dares to say those words what is the first thought that comes to mind? for me it's always: "Burst into flames! Burst into flames!"
  18. Denia

    What'd I Miss?

    I strayed away from civilization for 2 weeks in the catskill mountains of New York state and i know i've missed many events. italy won the cup (hooray!) and israel and lebanon are bombing the crap out of each other... what else has happened? are the people on this board still equally insane?
  19. Denia

    Quick Lyric Question...

    in The First Of The Gang To Die, does moz say "and he stole OUR hearts away" or "and he stole ALL hearts away"?
  20. Denia

    Kings Of Leon

    i'm currently gaga over them- which i find strange because i'm usually not into that whole style of music. so now i have 17 of their songs on my playlist and will be heading out to check out some albums. do we have any fellow fans 'round here?
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