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  1. simonmoz

    I thought I had been banned?

    I'm on the list of users who has been banned. (after I requested it) Get a move on, I havent got all day. eh?
  2. simonmoz

    The official 'post whatever you want to' thread.

    Go on then, post whatever you like. Here's my contrabution, MINGE
  3. simonmoz


    It's bastard freezing in the West Mids BBbbrrrrrrrr.....
  4. simonmoz

    Paul Simon

    What the frig is he on about then?
  5. simonmoz


    Why why why why why wh yw hy w hy why wh y oh WHY... Do i get ichy feet when i'm driving? huh?
  6. simonmoz

    Christ!!! I got a fax from morrissey today!!!!!!

    I emailed his website asking him if he is going to play some of my favourite songs and I got a fax from the man himself!!"!! Here is a scan! UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it's real, well I guess it must be as no one else knew that I sent it to the site! It has made my year!!!!
  7. simonmoz

    Can I download any of Morrisseys last years concerts here?

    are there any mp3s of morrisseys concert from last year available to download here, if so where please?
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