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  1. CougarFrog

    Morrissey west ham colour scarf

    Selling my scarf which is in great condition. I am open to offers thanks
  2. CougarFrog

    Morrissey Scarves

    I have two of them, the west ham colours and the black and gray one which I purchased at the Liverpool gig. Are they worth anything?
  3. CougarFrog

    Morrissey labels Madonna as 'McDonna'

    Slow news week for the NME....
  4. CougarFrog

    Morrissey interview on; to publish autobiography in December 2012

    Morrissey Talks Label Drama & Book, Gaga & Madonna - by Jillian Mapes, N.Y., On 'McDonna,' inspiring Gaga, label woes and more Also: Morrissey to publish autobiography in December 2012 - Singer also labels Michael Buble as 'meaningless'
  5. CougarFrog

    Morrissey to publish autobiography in December 2012 Morrissey has said he plans to release his much discussed autobiography in December next year. Speaking to Billboard, the ex-Smiths singer said that he's sees it as the "sentimental climax to the last 30 years. Asked about the book, Morrissey replied...
  6. CougarFrog

    Offered Lift from Sheffield/Manchester - Hawick and back

    Would anyone be interested in sharing travel costs by traveling together to Hawick on Tuesday? So far there may be 2 of us so 2 spare seats.
  7. CougarFrog

    Hawick ticket wanted

    One hawick ticket wanted thanks
  8. CougarFrog

    2007 LA Weekly Interview - Where can I find it?

    Can't see it on the LA weekly website, does anyone know where it is? thanks
  9. CougarFrog

    Wanted - 2 Middlesborough Tickets - can swap

    Wanting 2 Middlesbrough tickets can swap for stoke/leeds, may even consider swapping for my Bradford Standing tickets :)
  10. CougarFrog

    For Sale - 2 Perth Tickets

    I have 2 tickets for Perth Willing to split
  11. CougarFrog

    Morrissey vinyl and flip frame from Ticketmaster Get 'Years of Refusal' on vinyl with display frame. Special offers to Morrissey ticket buyers. Thank you for booking tickets for Morrissey’s UK tour in July. We hope you enjoy what is sure to be a special and intimate night. ‘Years...
  12. CougarFrog

    for sale - Dunoon tickets

    Dunoon standing tickets (face value+fees) For Sale Can meet at venue or post special delivery (£5) Paypal/BT/Cheque
  13. CougarFrog

    Morrissey & David Bowie CD

    Currently on ebay Anyone else own one of these or have any more information about it ?
  14. CougarFrog

    I zig zagged all over America and then I came across Whitehaven

    Could not find a thread on yesterdays shootings. I am fascinated by the motive on this man who was said to be very normal, it is so difficult to say who is fragile and who is not and how much one person can take. When most of us have a "f*** em all' moment and get on with life, what makes...
  15. CougarFrog

    Johnny play The Smiths (again)

    johnny marr crowded house Manchester Johnny Marr joined Crowded house on stage tonight 27th May. :)
  16. CougarFrog

    Mike Joyce Q+A session + DJ set Sheffield 20th May

    Could not find this on here, have only just found out about it. Won't be going but if anyone isn't doing anything you can always go and speak to your favourite band member. This is in Sheffield Doors: 8pm Offbeat DJs: 8- 8.30pm 'Inside The Smiths' showing: 8.30- 9.20pm Q+A session...
  17. CougarFrog

    Morrissey / Smiths lyrics for number plate slogan

    If you could pick any Morrissey /Smiths lyrics to have as your car number plate slogan, what would you have? what sums you up to all the other drivers?
  18. CougarFrog

    After your gone - do you think about it?

    Do you think about how you will be remembered after you die? If you died tomorrow do you think you have lived life to the full and you have done everything you set out to do? or do you just not think about it at all?
  19. CougarFrog

    Liverpool - no new date, refunds for all

    just checked the website to see if they had some good news on it, but i found this... MORRISEY – SATURDAY 7 NOVEMBER 2009 Promoter Statement – updated 16/11/09 The event organisers have been unable to reschedule the Morrissey concert...
  20. CougarFrog

    Black & Grey scarfs and no west ham colours (liverpool)

    Any reason that only black and grey were on sale at liverpool? Were they only available at that gig or have these ones been taken to Europe instead of the west ham ones ?
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