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  1. Exit Smiling


    What sort of nails did the tough kid who swallows nails swallow? I'd always though it meant metal nails (for nailing wood), which would indeed be tough, but also pretty masochistic, and probably fatal so not something to be done repeatedly (or 'sometimes'). I've always been confused by the...
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    Why did Morrissey break into the palace with a sponge and a rusty spanner? I've never understood how a sponge would be an essential tool for breaking and entering? Is it a reference to something? Or did he use the spanner to gain entry, and took the sponge in with him for some other purpose...
  3. Exit Smiling

    Sheila Take A Bow - yellow vinyl German 7"

    Finally selling my yellow Sheila 7" (German) if anyone's interested. Also got a Bigmouth UK 7" though I guess most peeps on here already have this. Comes with a pretty picture though. :)...
  4. Exit Smiling

    Victoria Wood - Fourteen Again

    Could anyone direct me to a place I can hear/download this? Was it done as a sketch or is it an audio only affair? Have looked on YouTube to no avail. :-/
  5. Exit Smiling

    Morrissey & Smiths Magazines/Programmes/Books

    I'm having a slow clearout of mostly magazines, but also some tour programmes and other nick-nacks. At the moment it's mostly Moz stuff, but have got loads of Smiths NMEs I'll be putting up in the coming days, all at 99p start. Please check my eBay listings...
  6. Exit Smiling

    Johnny Marr/Salford Lads Club mags on eBay

    Couple of magazines for sale, one with Johnny revisting Salford Lads Club and telling his story of the split, circa 1991
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