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  1. ella-reflex

    Moz tattoo

    would anyone happen to know what morrissey's favorite color is? i've been toying with the idea of getting a gladiolus, but im not sure what color i should get it in. :flowers:
  2. ella-reflex

    something cool for L.A. fans to see

    presented by cinespia @ hollywood forever cemetary: june 27th east of eden directed by elia kazan (1955 115 mins) gates 7:30 pm movie 9:00 pm no reservation necessary $10 donation tickets available at gate $5 parking available inside as a courtesy to other moviegoers: NO TALL...
  3. ella-reflex

    bamboozle tix for sale!

    I wasnt sure where to start this thread, so I chose to put it here. :guitar:I have 2 tickets to day 3 of the Bamboozle festival up for sale on ebay:guitar: No Doubt's headlining. This will be their first official show together since the '04 singles tour. Any questions just let me know...
  4. ella-reflex

    It was 51 years ago today

    that's cool, and your icon. OMFG!
  5. ella-reflex

    looking for some bootlegs

    In particular: Duran Duran @ the nokia theater 5/4/08, and The Cure @ the Hollywood Bowl 5/31/08. if no one has it, but has a clue to where i can find these, that would be much appreciated. thank you!
  6. ella-reflex

    Bands you're blissfully ignorant of

    I happen to like nine inch nails. year zero was horrible though.
  7. ella-reflex

    Which instruments did Morrissey attempt to learn when he was younger?

    i remember reading about him learning the drums, and that before Morrissey and Dean butterworth parted ways, Dean gave Morrissey a drum kit.
  8. ella-reflex

    The Cure Live Setlist is better than...

    anyone with a bootleg of this show...???? i got to the bowl kinda late last saturday and i want to hear what i missed. many thanks in advance!!!!
  9. ella-reflex

    Has Morrissey Disappointed You?

    In Morrissey, not exactly. There is always something to look forward to though when it comes to him. I've been more disappointed in some of his fans I've come across last year. Really rude and immature people. Is it an L.A. thing, or has anyone else witnessed this?
  10. ella-reflex

    Slight Glimmer

    there is such a thing. in l.a. at least.
  11. ella-reflex

    celebrity gossip, yay or nay?

    i love "oh no they didnt".
  12. ella-reflex

    the AbBrEvIaTiOn gaym

    FFAF on ONTD
  13. ella-reflex

    listen to this

    it sounds like "f*** you" but its most likely "thank you".
  14. ella-reflex

    Morrissey is in Saudi Arabia!!!

    I was at that show. i didnt see him anywhere.
  15. ella-reflex

    what does an American accent sound like? I found this not that long ago and saw that the accent is very different from where i'm actually from.
  16. ella-reflex

    explain your user name here!

    ella is short for my first name, and i've gone by this since I was 16. reflex is from a duran duran song. I was obssesed with them, what can i say? i have donated blood, but it's been awhile.
  17. ella-reflex

    Food game

    yan yan
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