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  1. timelessmelody

    Johnny Marr - Guitar Article (Guardian, May 10)

    A dull article, but anyhow..,,2277963,00.html
  2. timelessmelody

    Parts of Salford Lads Club Roof Stolen
  3. timelessmelody

    Russell Brand making a Morrissey documentary?

    I was listening to Russell Brand's radio show on saturday and he mentioned Morrissey, who his co-host then said something negative about. Russell replied 'Oi, we're making a documentary about him so you better get on side' or something like that. It didn't mention a date or anything, but he...
  4. timelessmelody

    BBC6 Music tonight - Smiths live from archive.

    I've just noticed this on the bbc6 music website, tonight 10pm-1am. Joe Mace brings the best of the BBC archives to the comfort of your armchair. Tonight's headline act are Manchester's finest The Smiths and we chill out with Lemon Jelly
  5. timelessmelody

    Request: Colin Meloy sings Morrissey

    Does anyone have this? I tried to find it via the search engine but all the links were dead, would be very much appreciated.
  6. timelessmelody

    When did the Libertines support Morrissey?

    I read on the Libertines wikipedia page that they once supported Morrissey, I was just wondering if anyone knows what dates they did? I'd imagine it was 2002 or possibly 2004 time.
  7. timelessmelody

    REQ: The Smiths - Rockpalaste

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had the video of The Smiths at rockpalaste? it used to be shown on tv a lot (vh2 i remember in uk) but haven't seen it for a while. Does anyone have it? Many thanks.
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