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  1. Kays

    Five Star Dunfermline Review

    From The List Magazine:
  2. Kays

    Hop Farm Saturday Camping Ticket £40

    Can't make it any more, so trying to get rid of Saturday camping ticket for Hop Farm. £40 seems fairly reasonable given it was over £100 in the first place. Pm me if interested, thanks.
  3. Kays

    Photos or Videos from Dunfermline?

    If anyone knows where I can find some photos or videos of Morrissey accepting/taking/holding the books I gave him in Dunfermline last night, I'd be forever grateful. :)
  4. Kays

    One Dunfermline Ticket Wanted

    If anybody has a spare standing Dunfermline ticket, I'd love to buy it from you. Please email [email protected] or pm on here. Thanks :)
  5. Kays

    "Why does Morrissey love performing in small venues in provincial towns?" - The List magazine

    The List magazine in Scotland has published an article discussing why Morrissey has chosen to play small, provincial venues on this tour. Why does Morrissey love performing in small venues in provincial towns? - by Kirstyn Smith, The List Why his 2011 UK tour of Hawick and Dunoon is in...
  6. Kays

    Dublin ticket wanted please

    After thinking I'd be out of the country for the gig, I now won't be, so if anybody has a spare Dublin tic hanging around, I'd happily buy it from you. Have been too busy at work to attend any of the other shows and I miss Moz like you would not believe, so it would be much appreciated...
  7. Kays

    Edinburgh ticket

    I got two tics for my birthday, but can't find anyone to take the second one cos of all the other stuff that's going on that night. So if anybody knows anyone who wants one, I have one going for asking price (£32.50) It would be a shame to see this go to waste
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