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  1. penfoldsfive

    Lincoln Show @ Rococo

    Well I'm eagerly awaiting the show. Are there any Nebraskans on board for this one? This is my first gig since the Killers way back before my son was born, so I am out of the loop concert wise. Getting old, this one is.
  2. penfoldsfive

    my war is over

    i have been fighting a futile fight. my war is over. i understand that it cannot be won.
  3. penfoldsfive


    the social commentary here is priceless. perhaps even better than athf.
  4. penfoldsfive

    the 9/11 conspiracy and illumanti thread

    its mostly bullshit but they do make a point...
  5. penfoldsfive

    sadaam hussein

    just kidding big brother!
  6. penfoldsfive

    The fair wage thread

    what could possibly be the argument against paying minimum wage employees a higher, solid, perhaps even profit-harming wage? as it is the working poor have to operate at a deficit every day. should rich corporations take an initiative that is forced to ensure that their employees be paid a...
  7. penfoldsfive

    BBW's: empowerment or mockery?

    a serious inquiry. bbw's please reply.
  8. penfoldsfive

    venturing outside the pigsty

    i am attempting to make the transition from bat shit drunk to actual individual. im contemplating posting outside of the pigsty. i feel it is vital; why i am posting this is beyond even me.
  9. penfoldsfive

    Who has drank brass monkey?

    isnt it moet chivas?
  10. penfoldsfive

    the who gives a shit about animals when

    people are suffering so much. duh.
  11. penfoldsfive

    nfl playoffs thread

    vikes are going to kick the saints azz.
  12. penfoldsfive

    Layne Staley rip

    rip friend
  13. penfoldsfive

    All alone on Xmas

  14. penfoldsfive

    Heathcliff vs Garfield

    it's decided on the cold streets of solo....
  15. penfoldsfive

    Pigsty Gay Porn Thread

    i saw some dude on 'true life' and it inspired me to start a thread. this is just as harmful if not more than 'regular' porn. once again sex can lead to ruin and who can contain it?
  16. penfoldsfive

    The Recovery Thread

    crazier than a coconut.
  17. penfoldsfive

    The Manic Street Preachers

    best band on the planet. period.
  18. penfoldsfive

    DUI thread

    Does anyone have a dui?
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