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  1. rogue_rebellions

    Let's get Margaret on the Guillotine on the charts

    So I know that Rage Against The Machine fans managed to get KILLING IN THE NAME on the charts and it inspired some people on the forums here to get Morrissey back on the charts. I know the attempt was made but unsuccessful. I saw on NME that people were making an effort to get Ding Dong the...
  2. rogue_rebellions

    Looking to buy Kill uncle shirt and Morrissey Swords scarf

    If anyone has a Morrissey Swords scarf in either color (West Ham style claret and blue OR black and grey) then please write back or PM.
  3. rogue_rebellions


    My Blackberry doesn't recognize 'Morrissey' as a word. WTF!?
  4. rogue_rebellions

    Southpaw Grammar 2009: Digipack?

    So I know that the reissue of Maladjusted came in a digipack book style format and I was wondering if Southpaw Grammar came in such packaging. I often see "Legacy Edition" versions but this is online, and they have nothing but stock photos of the album sleeve. Any help?
  5. rogue_rebellions

    Bad picture quality on official recordings?

    I've been noticing a pattern recently on Morrissey's official recordings: the bad picture quality. Take a look at the recent expanded and redesigned editions of Southpaw Grammer and Maladjusted. The pictures look like those of amateurs. The same applies to the Swords compilation. The picture of...
  6. rogue_rebellions

    Morrissey keyring / keychain

    I feel awful. This keychain / keyring was available in the US store for so long and at one point was even reduced in price. Now that I have a little spending money I want to purchase one and I can't find it anywhere but the EU store! Gah! Can anyone point me in the right direciton to find...
  7. rogue_rebellions

    100% heavyweight virgin vinyl: don't be fooled!

    I'm sure many of you have seen that Viva Hate and Your Arsenal were re-released recently in 180 Gram Vinyl from Simply Vinyl. I was really happy about this because I thought these records would sound great in 180. I was MASSIVELY dissapointed when I realized that Viva Hate is not a gatefold...
  8. rogue_rebellions

    What do you wish for?

    Recently I was browsing through Ebay, VulgarPicture and Passions and I thought how grateful I was that one of my wishes was answered (to release the singles box sets onto vinyl) and thought of what I would ask Mozzalini to release if I ever had the chance to. If you could ask Morrissey to...
  9. rogue_rebellions

    'Vauxhall And I' pink LP

    So this has become almost myth in my household.... My older brother (who introduced me to Morrissey twenty years ago) said there exists Vauxhall And I on PINK vinyl. I went through passionsjustlikemine and vulgarpicture and didn't find anything. Was he dreaming this? What's up?
  10. rogue_rebellions

    Looking to purchase poster of Morrissey w/ football

    I saw it once on ebay but because funds were short at the time, couldn't. There is this framed picture of the original advert with Morrissey's handwriting but it is small and I really would prefer a larger version of it, and in color. If anyone can help me find this or maybe you yourself are...
  11. rogue_rebellions

    MTV Latin Awards

    Did anyone see this tonight? Morrissey giving a speech? What a lad.
  12. rogue_rebellions

    Who wrote this!? (wikipedia)

    "The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye" is followed-up by "(I'm) The End of the Family Line". The singer rues that he will never have children, an insult into the "fifteen generations...of mine" that produced him. There is a hint that the reason for this is that protagonist is homosexual, as he...
  13. rogue_rebellions

    Morrissey football

    So I know Morrissey was a supporter of Man U early on in his career and has even worn a Chivas shirt but I'd like to know if anyone can share any information on the following photograph. I know it's from the Kill Uncle era and I've seen it with some promotional writing on it too, but I'd like to...
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