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  1. DamienDempsey

    Bring a white or red rose to the shows...

    ... no, on second thought: shove them up your arse, thorns intact. It's funny how the champions for Morrissey's World have now gone strangely silent. Bleating, in all of its annoying absurdity, has now ceased. I think everybody should send a 'Good riddance, Wanker Boy Imposter' email to...
  2. DamienDempsey

    Happy Birthday To Me

    Does anybody have words of kindness for a truly gorgeous specimen? Please don't be mean, my birthday simply cannot be an unhappy one!
  3. DamienDempsey

    How Can We Kill The Fake Blog Morrissey's World?

    Is anybody familiar with making formal complaints on Blogger? The blog obviously crosses many, many lines and is 100% fabricated: with its fake blog entries & fictitious comments. Let's all do Morrissey a favour & see that it is completely shut down.
  4. DamienDempsey

    Supposed Moz Blog: Define 'Unofficial' Site

    If the rubbish blog is so deeply aligned with Morrissey, why is it unofficial? Can't help but feel deeply shafted. Any hackers on here who desire a grotesque infiltration of the faux blog? We could have multi-coloured penises as a kaleidoscopic background: nothing like a global feel to a site...
  5. DamienDempsey

    Britney Spears is a Goddess, Morrissey Must Bow Politely Before Her

    It's come sadly to this. Morrissey, aka C**t Extradonaire, you must submit. Shamefully admit your ineptness, bow politely and be off. The perpetual wind-up is now an irritant. Of course it is your blog, yet you cowardly release statements via the shite True To You website that suggest otherwise...
  6. DamienDempsey

    Def Leppard's Joe Elliott makes another Morrissey comparison

    I just came across this strange article where Def Leppard's lead singer compares his band with Morrissey. Really bloody strange bit of news, I must say: Def Leppard Gets No Respect, Says Singer Joe Elliott - TripleM Music If only his shite band never released any music, there I go again...
  7. DamienDempsey

    Def Leppard Singer Ridicules Morrissey

    I just came across this strange article where Def Leppard's lead singer compares his band with Morrissey. Really bloody strange bit of news, I must say: If only his shite...
  8. DamienDempsey

    Part III: My Email Exchange With Morrissey

    July 30th My Dear Kate, Yes you were the Kate to whom I referred in my blog post. Thank you for defending me on the so-low place over the past twenty four hours. Small kindnesses do not go unnoticed. I often say to fans that you should expect one reply for every three or four letters you...
  9. DamienDempsey

    Part II: My Email Exchange With Morrissey

    July 26th My Dear Kate, As I stumble and fall through this life I can't help Playing Easy To Get. Of course it makes no sense for us to communicate through this mundane medium - each word lacks vitality and the caressing thump of the singing voice, like strawberries without cream, velvet...
  10. DamienDempsey

    Part I: My Email Exchange With Morrissey

    July 2nd, 2011 Through serendipitous means I chanced upon your gorgeous blog. My Morrissey, thank you darling, for making my world a tad less tedious. Your words are utterly precious: I've been in adoration of them for half of my, largely uneventful, life. Sycophantic, though, I most...
  11. DamienDempsey

    Morrissey In Disguise

    How many usernames do you think actually belong to Morrissey? Similarly, how many 'anonymous' comments, as well, do you think were written by him? I'm 'convinced,' with a great deal of evidence to back my claims, that Morrissey is definitely: Road Hog Fancy123 Lesbian Liberation I will list...
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