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  1. Grendelica

    SER denies driving car, names officer in FB comments; Morrissey quoted in article

    Update: Sam has just written in his facebook page (comment in the photo post) it was not him driving the car and he was not in italy at the moment. What the hell? This is getting more and more ridiculous. Links posted anonymously: Sam Esty Rayner Photography Facebook comment (July 7): The...
  2. Grendelica

    Morrissey and SER driving at high speed in wrong direction according to police - La Repubblica

    Hey just so you know, here is the police version from the italian newspaper "La Repubblica": Roma, Morrissey litiga col poliziotto in via del Corso. “Minacce e urla” - La Repubblica "Poteva uccidermi - accusa la rockstar - impugnava una pistola. La replica della questura: "E' arrivato a forte...
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