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  1. Sonar

    Things about you Morrissey would disapprove...

    I'll start: I gave up meat about two years ago. But I do miss a good steak from time to time. I really do. I enjoy silly music (at least when I'm drunk). I just don't get what's so special about the New York Dolls. I'd love to have sex with him.
  2. Sonar

    What would you do if Morrissey would die tomorrow?

    I know it's the most depressing thread there possibly is, but still...
  3. Sonar

    Living Icons Update everybody!

    Sorry for the slightly misleading title but I didn't want to start a thread called "How to cheat properly"... you never know if Maccas spys visit the forum;) Superspecial thanks to knight123 for posting this: "ok all, what you do is this. go to and enter the...
  4. Sonar

    News on Living Icon on Julia's site

    I pray to god that this hasn't been posted before... if it has, feel free to kill me gently. Since I'm not british (why, oh why???)... who is this Danny Robins guy? Is he okay? Cheers everyone!
  5. Sonar

    Your favourite bad song

    We’re in a place where a brilliant singer is worshipped, so we’re all having a great taste in music. That said I’d like to know if you have some all-time favourites you know are shit but can’t help loving them. Hello. My name is Sonar and I have a secret passion for “Have you ever really...
  6. Sonar

    News(?): Morrissey touring Germany... probably.

    I don't know if it has been posted before but I remember Unkleskinny breaking some hearts yesterday when mentioning the "updated" German tourdates on So maybe the following is interesting: Musikexpress recently revealed some additional tourdates for Hamburg and Berlin...
  7. Sonar

    Request: Wallpapers

    Hi there. As you may have noticed I'm looking for Morrissey-Wallpapers. I know there are some... hidden on strange fansites, but they all look rather cheap or as if they were "designed" by the time Charles and Diana got married (AS IF! Don't lecture me... I know it was 1981). I know here are...
  8. Sonar

    Anyone having an idea what happened to true-to-yew?

    Can't say that I loved the site, but it was at least very special... the artwork was brilliant. And definitely more up to date than the "real" true to you ;)
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