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  1. Walter Mitty

    dating again

    I think with the free ones anyway. I am also currentley single and I like the thought of vetting people before wasting an evening with them. I heard Guardian Soulmates in the UK is good??
  2. Walter Mitty

    West Ham vs Millwall

    There is a big West Ham fan who posts on here isn't there? He has a picture from Stingray or something? In my experience of Upton Park it's a lot safer than it was but given that Millwall have only been given a tiny number of tickets there will be a lot of Millwall fans in the West Ham end. Be...
  3. Walter Mitty

    Football's back!

    west ham v Millwall in the league cup looks tasty, could be on the same night as Leyton Orient V Stoke!! Look like the London police will be busy!
  4. Walter Mitty

    Football's back!

    Is it possible to do a league of all the clubs that people on here support? It would be a good referance as the season gets under way. I see Man City, Liverpool, West Ham and Chelsea talked about but who supports who?
  5. Walter Mitty

    BBC Radio 2 11/02/09 Video?

    Re: BBC Radio 2 Video? Thank you - I will check it out.
  6. Walter Mitty

    BBC Radio 2 11/02/09 Video?

    Is there a torrent etc of the BBC Radio 2 gig from earlier this year? I have a MP3 of the recording but would like the video :):) I thank you.
  7. Walter Mitty

    Maladjusted on Amazon

    I really, really want the front of cover of this album for a wall. As it looks like there is no vinyl or promo posters has anyone got any other ideas?
  8. Walter Mitty

    Buzzin just got the Morrissey M in Manchester DVD

    On the subject of I'm Not Sorry - is it a cover? It is a great song.
  9. Walter Mitty

    Sat Aug 15th - Gary Day DJs at How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

    Will you play Morrissey's solo stuff?
  10. Walter Mitty

    Say something nice about someone on solo

    I look forward to meeting people!! Do many people on here live in London??
  11. Walter Mitty

    Tour of Refusal Intro

    Re: backdrop image Whoops Sorry :o Cheers x2:thumb:
  12. Walter Mitty

    Tour of Refusal Intro

    Re: Lou Reed Who is on the picture at the back of the stage?
  13. Walter Mitty

    Morrissey football

    Does anyone know why all the refrences to West Ham United??
  14. Walter Mitty

    Last night - 22nd July 2009

    was a great night. I think How Soon is Now doesn't have the same impact in the middle of the set. It was a nice gesture to play songs that were missing from the other 3 nights, it feels like a reward for those who attend for more than one night.
  15. Walter Mitty

    ROTT and Rome

    Also a very important politican during the setting up of modern Italy - that is why the squares are named after him and lots of town's have one.
  16. Walter Mitty

    1 tricket needed for tonight

    All sorted now - Thank you! Might start posting elsewhere now I have an account!!
  17. Walter Mitty

    1 tricket needed for tonight

    Does anyone have a spare for tonight? Sorry for the low post count - long term lurker.
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