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    with Morrissey fans supporting Morrissey's racist remarks...

    you can't help but feel that they are a sub-species
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    Jo Brand writing book on The Smiths?

    anyone else catch that on Countdown? she said she was writing her third book on The Smiths. and one of the contestants was a Smiths fan so she said she'd give him one for a 10% discount. she seems funny. i like her. book should be interesting.
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    Why I'll be voting for the BNP

    European elections are coming up on June 4th. i'll be giving my vote to the British National Party. the BNP usually gets mistaken for being a racist party. fair enough. uninformed people will think that. If the BNP should be charged with anything it's being too proud of their country. The...
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    are Americans or Brits the bigger wankers?

    what do ya think ay? americans are very loud dont ya think. always talking loud about burgers or credit cards or soda. bloody soda. why do they love their soda so much? argh brits are like always complaining about something. like, ooh my scones are too buttery, or oh my tea is too cold...
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    Play Very Loud???

    i really dislike Years Of Refusal. It's the only Morrissey album I dislike. and i think one of the reasons (besides half the songs being weak) is that it seems inappropriately loud. some songs like that mama why did ya do it song i reckon would be better if they were like mellowed vauxhall n...
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    does anyone wanna go halves on EBay tickets? (manc 22nd gig)

    there's lotsa tickets on ebay for the manchester gig on 22nd of May but it's always for 2 tickets. i only need one. so i was wondering if anyone wanted to go halves with me for the other one. you'd need to tell me how much you're willing to spend so i know how much to bid for. they've been...
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    is this the only music based forum not goin apeshit over Merriweather Post Pavillion?

    everywhere else ive been on the internets theyre goin mad arse about this album and damn as hell they should! this is the album of the decade! anyone agree? or disagree? brilliant band Animal Collective are. no one even comes close to them
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    so are you all depressed, miserable shits?

    hi im new to this place but ya all morrissey fans ay or was lots but not lots anymore but still is morrissey's a sad old git you're a sad old gid yeah? gid thats git dwad!
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    Where in Kilburn did Morrissey live?

    sorry this sounds like such a fanboy question but it's just that i live very near Kilburn and wanted to know where it was that he lived if anyone knows
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    is there a way of checking threads which you've replied to?

    i mean, like if you've been away for a while and you return here and want to see if anyone replied in a thread you wrote in, is there a way of searching for threads in which you've replied to? sorry it's probably a really obvious answer, but i couldnt seem to find it. thanks.
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    did The Smiths do a cover of Across The Universe?

    just helping out a friend here. did they? if so does anyone have a bit of it?
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