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  1. ringleadermoz

    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    As I put earlier in the topic last night I went to see Rise Against. They were totally awesome and the mosh pit was the craziest I think I have ever seen. Anyhow after the final song what should be the song everyone leaves to. Bigmouth strikes again!! It was not The Smiths who it was by but...
  2. ringleadermoz

    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    Rise against at Manchester Appollo on Thursday night.
  3. ringleadermoz

    Best venues to see Morrissey

    Sheffield City Hall for me as well. We have seen him twice there, this year and 2006 and both concerts have been amazing. Smaller venues seem to have better fans than the arenas that just seem to attract yobs to see him sadly.
  4. ringleadermoz

    Liverpool - no new date, refunds for all

    Ahh thats a shame. But in one way I am glad as I would have spent the whole night wondering if some sad case would try something. **Just been called this very second by Ticketline who said that the money will be refunded straight back onto my card. They don't need the the tickets back so I...
  5. ringleadermoz

    Morrissey death reports - hoax

    One thing this has shown is just how twisted some people on the internet can be. I mean why on earth would this sort of thing give someone a kick!!
  6. ringleadermoz

    Morrissey death reports - hoax

    Re: Morrissey death reports: hoax or truth? I very much doubt it is true as so much rubbish gets put on the internet from some twisted people. I do hope to god it's not true though. Whatever my blood ran cold when I saw this.
  7. ringleadermoz

    NME - Babybird slates Morrissey

    Babybird need to throw bottles INTO the audience to wake them up from the insipid music they do.:D
  8. ringleadermoz

    Black & Grey scarfs and no west ham colours (liverpool)

    There were some "west ham" scarfs on sale when the doors first opened but once they sold the black and grey ones were displayed.
  9. ringleadermoz

    MEN / BBC North West News coverage

    It was a very good read and highlighted problems that can happen at a lot of concerts due to the ignorance of people.
  10. ringleadermoz

    Sheffield 30/10/09

    Hopefully Sheffield City Hall will always be on any tour as both 2009 and 2006 were totally amazing nights.
  11. ringleadermoz

    Sheffield 30/10/09

    Fantastic photos of an amazing evening at City Hall.
  12. ringleadermoz


    It's the same at Rugby League games too except you are still able to take your drinks back to the seats with you. For normal league games it is not too bad bar some spilt beer but for the major games RL fans behaviour can be very poor. What I don't get is you go to a concert/football/event to...
  13. ringleadermoz

    Did Moz want this to happen?

    My only concern about booking for Morrissey is the future will be for any arena events as in my experience they seem to attract a lot of idiots. The small venues like Sheffield City Hall for example seem to have just true fans and the whole atmosphere and experience is better for it.
  14. ringleadermoz


    Talking of bad memories I doubt I will ever be able to listen to Black Cloud with the same enjoyment anymore:(
  15. ringleadermoz

    Did Moz want this to happen?

    Re: sigh In answer to the question posed about did Moz want something like this to happen I just don't believe that to be the case in the slightest. Why go to the hassle of travelling to Liverpool, getting on stage and putting in a belting performance of This Charming Man and have great...
  16. ringleadermoz


    As much as I hope he will reschedule I get the feeling that the echo arena wont be on any tour list again.
  17. ringleadermoz

    Is it all over?

    Very true. Some people seem incapable of going to any event be it a concert, football or even Rugby League without the urge to get smashed. The amount of alcohol being consumed at Liverpool the police would have had a field day doing random breath tests on people driving away. One day...
  18. ringleadermoz

    The bottle thrower - Can anyone identify this man?

    Re: The bottle thrower. Can anyone identify this man? I hope I bump into him with my fist at some point in the future.
  19. ringleadermoz

    Liverpool - Moz walks off stage

    Re: Moz walks off stage Back home from Liverpool and me and my wife are totally gutted that one waste of sperm has ruined our nights. But that said we don't blame Moz one little bit for not coming back out. A short while before he got hit someone (or maybe the same person) threw a...
  20. ringleadermoz

    Morrissey does not have a record contract

    I wonder if he will make any quips about it during his concerts now he is free from them?
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