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  1. zither

    your the best cover boy?

    The history of music is full packed with cover versions of our favorurite songs. Some have been ditched by some creepy musicians, others have been even improved by some random genius. That said, close to the age of 30, I’m quite sure, not mentioning his amazing own material, that Greg Dulli...
  2. zither

    The Afghan Whigs

    Hello beautiful people! I don't know how many of you actually love Greg Dulli, his work and his soul. I do a lot. I'd be glad if someone of you will post some megaupolad links to Up In It, Gentleman and/or Black Love. I'll surely buy the cds, but can't afford it right now ;) I thank you in...
  3. zither

    Radiohead seen at Souvlaki Space Station

    do you find any similarity? Souvlaki Space Station Karma Police
  4. zither

    why starting from the second?

    is Bona Drag a deluxe reissue? if so, any clue why they decided to start with the second album from his solo career? thanx?
  5. zither

    Bette Davis at Morrissey's RAH gig

    i was searching for the video of Bette Davis Eyes, and stumbled on this fan vid: as i started watching it I was moved. easily her words remind me of one of the greatest night of my rich and joyful life...
  6. zither

    Velvet Goldmine

    hey! during the movie, at the point when Jonathan Rhys Meyers performs at some rainy festival, he sings a song that goes like this "sometimes they call me sebastian".it's just a snippet of the song. i'm wondering whether the song actually exists or not. mind, it's not on the soundtrack i thank...
  7. zither

    Morrissey on Merchant and viceversa

    hi all! I'm just wondering if anyone knows any connection [and I'm not talking about "6 degrees to Kevin Bacon"] between Morrissey and Natalie Merchant. I can't find any word of appreciation or whatever. any clue? thanx
  8. zither

    Viva Hate: an astonishing poem never released

    Trudging slowly over wet sand back to the bench where your clothes were stolen. "Too old to be a child star too young to take leads". The strange logic in your clumsiest line it stayed emblazoned on my mind. Leather elbows on a tweed coat, an afternoon nostalgia television show. You spoke in...
  9. zither

    Vauxhall & I

    I can't find the LP. I have a bunch of great websites such as or but apparently it's nowhere. not mentioning, of course, the local shops in Rome. am I the only one who can't find it?
  10. zither

    Req: WDYFOFY - Royal Albert Hall 27/10/09

    hey dears i'm looking for the best audio quality of Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? from the london gig at the RAH. any clue? thanx in advance
  11. zither

    Morrissey in person wanted

    I'll pay double the price for a small tshirt
  12. zither

    final footage

    hi everybody! can someone please upload the final footage of Who Pu The M In Manchester? i mean, the salford lads club. i can't find it on youtube [probably it's just me] thanx
  13. zither

    Morrissey in person Tshirt wanted

    hi! i've attended the RAH gig and couldn't buy the "Morrissey in person at the rah" t-shirt. I'm keen to pay it even double the price if needed. I can't see any good reason why someone who attended the gig and bought the t-shirt would sell it but, well, at least I tried...
  14. zither

    you were good in your time - the movie

    do you actually know where the dialogue at the beginning of the song is taken from? thanx
  15. zither

    I won't share you [in your time]

    I know I use to find apparently strange connections between songs of very different ages but, here it comes another one: To me YOU WERE GOOD IN YOUR TIME is sung from the point of view of someone who I WON'T SHARE YOU was adressed to. Imagine the carachter A once in the past said to carachter B...
  16. zither

    something weird on Maudlin Street

    probably it's just me. that said, I do think in Late Night, Maudlin Street live one of the best lines ever, as epic as the Speedway's "I've always been true to you", such as: "When I sleep with that picture of You framed beside my bed Oh, it's childish and it's silly But I think it's you in my...
  17. zither


    hello everybody! where can I find all the backdrops of all Morrissey's solo tours? it would be cool if you'd upload here, like an archive, if not existed yet... thanx a lot!
  18. zither

    Robin's Keen

    Hi everybody! i've always wandered where the Go On! came from. I don't know if you've already talked about it but i'm pretty sure the speaking voice of Roy's Keen cames from Robin Williams mouth in Dead Poet's Society, as you can hear at 41'' of this clip...
  19. zither

    'Will Never Marry' Introducing Morrissey

    hi! i believe there's no more on YOUTUBE the final part of Introducing Morrissey when immages of fans have WNM as soundtrack. am I wrong and you can send me the link or it actually desappeared? thanx
  20. zither

    Will Morrissey ever walk alone?

    Do you think Moz should cover You Will Never Walk Alone? if so, how would it sound?
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