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    Music: Festive: Do they know the Christmas song is dead? Mr Hankey

    It’s often difficult to place the exact moment you first hear it. You may be scanning the supermarket shelves for your favourite Pot Noddle or filling up your car in the station forecourt. Remember the day when the Christmas season came in full swing.Everyone go mad to see who was going to be...
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    Robbie Williams doing his most horrific Morrissey impression

    Robbie Williams singing the most cringe song since Rude Box while trying his best to sound like Morrissey. But fails.
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    ‘Was I the only one that thought’ the TV show Friends was crap

    Was I the only one that thought the popular sit com Friends was crap. I never found it funny or entertaining. The Actors and Actress I could never stand.
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    Moz & Greta

    Would Morrissey talk highly about Greta as she is a Vegan and supports animal rights.
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    NME: Why the music Industry is killing free speech & art

    Morrissey might have had a point.
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    Was grunge the last great rock movement?

    Now that it is 2020 music & culture in general has became boring.Looking back 30 years ago Smells Like Teen Sprite,hits the Radio and MTV Rock music was never better,music & culture was better,young people got into guitar music again and Buying music.If it was not for Grunge No Brit Pop or Oasis...
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    NME at it again - "All the band reunions we don’t want to see happen" it seems NME is at it again. The Smiths An obvious one, yes, but for good reason. The Smiths’ break-up was particularly messy – they had already parted ways before the release of their fourth album...
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    Morrissey’s view on how Brexit is going

    i wonder what Morrissey think’s of the way Brexit is going at the minute.
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