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  1. jacktheripper

    David Talaga back on eBay

    I just spotted David Talaga trying to sell all the Morrissey and Smiths CDs he claimed he had sold a while back listed on eBay. He’s asking $1,750.00 US dollars or best offer plus $20.00 dollars shipping within the USA. This guy really sucks at lying to us. He knows best to never bother me for...
  2. jacktheripper

    Wanted: One or Two Tickets to the October 05 live in Irvine Concert

    I need one or two tickets to the October 05 show in Irvine. If you have any for sale or know any that has any for sale please send me a dm. Keep in mind they must be decent seating. So please no far away from the stage seating.
  3. jacktheripper

    The Smiths and Morrissey live Bootleg CDs for sale

    Hello everyone, Just in case any of you might be interested in buying bootleg CDs of The Smiths and/or Morrissey hit me up. One of my good friends has asked me to reach out to all of you and see who is interested in buying the last of his Smiths and/or Morrissey bootleg CDs. Below you will find...
  4. jacktheripper

    Looking to buy Mexrrissey First of the Gang to Die Promo CD-R

    If anyone has a Mexrrissey - First of the Gang to Die Promo CD-R they wish to sell please let me know. I’m ready to buy at the right price.
  5. jacktheripper

    Looking to buy Famous International Playboy CD

    Does anyone have Morrissey Famous International Playboy compact disc for sale. I want to add this compact disc to my personal Morrissey collection.
  6. jacktheripper

    Looking to buy Roy’s Keen and Satan Rejected My Soul on cassette tape

    Hello I’m in need of the following two cassette tapes 1) Roy’s Keen 2) Satan Rejected My Soul If anyone has any of the two cassette tape singles. Please send me a dm. Thanks,
  7. jacktheripper

    Wanted: Morrissey Live in Buenos Aires CD

    Does anyone have a "Morrissey - Live in Buenos Aires" CD they would like to sell? I am looking to buy one at the right price. If anyone has one and wishes to sell it. Please let me know. I'm willing to pay top dollar. I'm sure we can work out a deal.
  8. jacktheripper

    I want to buy Let Me Kiss You CD Single

    Do any of you have a Let Me Kiss You CD single for sale? I want to buy the Nancy Sinatra version with the picture sleeve of Nancy Sintra and Morrissey. If you have one for sale. Please send me a pm. Thanks for all your help, Jacktheripper
  9. jacktheripper

    Wanted Morrissey Live Concerts on DVD

    Does anyone have any of the following live Morrissey concerts on DVD? 1) The Grove - Anaheim - April 18, 2004 2) the Wiltern Theater - Los Angeles - April 22, 2004 If you have any of these two shows on DVD for sale. Please let me know.
  10. jacktheripper

    Wanted: OBI Strip for The Smiths Japanese Super Twins Double CD

    Hello Everyone, Does any one have a obi strip for "The Smiths" Super Twins Japanese Double CD set that they are willing to sell? I am willing to pay top dollar. If you have one and are serious of selling please send me a "PM". Jacktheripper
  11. jacktheripper

    Morrissey Double LP autograph For Sale

    I have a Morrissey autograph greatest hits double LP for sale. I won it in a contest being promoted by Decca and the entry forms where being submitted in village voice weekly news website. If interested please make me an offer. I will ship anywhere in the U.S.A. for free. I will ship to the U.K...
  12. jacktheripper

    Morrissey Greatest Hits Double LP Vinyl Autograph

    Can anyone help me with any information on behalf of the 2008 release "Morrissey Greatest Hits" Double LP vinyl with Moz's autograph on it? My understanding the album came from a contest and that the autograph is real. What I am interested in knowing is everything of the record. Such as how...
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