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  1. esheh195

    Cheesy Pick Up Lines

    So this line my friend used to use on girls at the bar popped into my head today. The scenario usually went like this: Staggers up to the chick: "Hey, you wanna get a pizza and f*ck?" After she slaps him across the face, he'd say, "What, you don't like pizza?!?!?" :p:D though in his...
  2. esheh195

    It's the 'ALL THINGS WRESTLING' Thread!

    Despite the collective groans I'm sure to hear all around Solo...I think the time is past due for a wrestling thread. LOL To kick things off...found this on Youtube...DX Press Conference. (there's some mild if you're under the age of 18 or have virgin ears...DO NOT click on this...
  3. esheh195

    The 'Congrats on 1,000 Posts, Skinner!' Thread!!!!

    Happy 1,000th post anniversary, Skinner!!!! It's a celebration b!tches!!! :DHAHA! Keep it help to make wasting the day on solo instead of working fun! "Hip-Hip Hooray!!!" Of course...what kind of celebration would it be without this little guy? LOL
  4. esheh195

    Holy 4,000 posts! Let's hear it for Nugzie!!

    Congrats, Nugz...on 4,000 posts on craziness, insight and attitude ;) Keep them coming...the dungeon that is solo wouldn't be the same without ya! :D It's a sexy party!!!!!!!
  5. esheh195

    Went to the Rob Zombie/Ozzy Osborne show at MSG last night

    HAHA! For some odd reason, I'm expecting a hail of garbage to get thrown at me for posting this...but whatever, I had a great effin time at the show. It was my first time seeing either one live, so I was looking forward to it. How could anyone not love Ozzy? He's definitely showing his age but...
  6. esheh195

    The funny or eff'd up X-Mas present thread!

    I was googling for evil images to unleash in my personal war on the 'Catfight thread' when I came across this pic. HAHA! LMFAO! :D I might try to pick this up for my lil' cousin. :p
  7. esheh195

    Congrats on 4,000, NRiTH!!!

    Cheers to 4,000 posts of wit, sarcasm, comebacks, odd statistics and various other tidbits of information that you never knew, but wonder how you lived without!...Keep'em coming! :D:p:D
  8. esheh195

    Hammerstein Ballroom- Night 3 10/26/07

    Just got back from the show and it was awesome. Had the time of my life tonight. I was against the barricade on Jesse's side, right in front of the speakers and everyone around me was completely into the show. Despite the questionable situation as to why Kristeen Young was no longer the opening...
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