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  1. Asleep at the Wheel

    REQ: October 7, 1997 San Francisco

    Thanks so much for uploading this! :D
  2. Asleep at the Wheel

    REQ: October 7, 1997 San Francisco

    It's my girlfriend's favorite show. Please upload if you can.
  3. Asleep at the Wheel

    KROQ unedited 1991

    Good stuff, thanks for uploading it!
  4. Asleep at the Wheel

    MORRISSEY plays The Warfield in San Francisco on February 8th

    This show isn't happening is it? There's nothing on the Warfield website about Moz.
  5. Asleep at the Wheel

    D/L 28 March 2000, Estadio Victor Jara, Santiago, Chile (soundboard)

    This is actually the radio broadcast, which doesn't include November Spawned a Monster. It's not the soundboard. But nevertheless, thanks for the upload!
  6. Asleep at the Wheel

    What is Moz's Best Solo Tour?

    I liked Your Arsenal the best. Any tour where he sings Certain People I Know, National Front Disco, Girl Least Likely To is a great tour. Maladjusted was the worst, because the shows were so short. 60 minutes just doesn't cut it.
  7. Asleep at the Wheel

    good american bands?

    I can't stand rap, but I bet that white kids listen to it in order to piss off their parents. Just like kids used to piss them off with the Stones in the 70s and heavy metal in the 80s. Every new generation loves to piss off Mom & Dad, one way or another. As for good American bands, Green...
  8. Asleep at the Wheel

    wembley recording

    That's a very impressive recording, rimbaud. Thanks for taking the time to record and post it.
  9. Asleep at the Wheel

    Is this to be Morrisseys last ever tour??

    Touring is like sex to him. He can't give it up.
  10. Asleep at the Wheel

    Received Maladjusted yesterday...

    So do I. I love this line-- "So, the life I have made may seem wrong to you but I've never been surer it's my life to ruin my own way"
  11. Asleep at the Wheel

    JM's Morrissey Bootleg of the Day: St. Louis 1992

    Thanks again for another good-looking show.
  12. Asleep at the Wheel

    Sorrow Will Come In The End

    He has a message for the lawyers in there too. Not one of his better efforts, but to each his own.
  13. Asleep at the Wheel

    Moz's Smiths covers (live)

    This link is still active-- They're all pretty hi-quality too.
  14. Asleep at the Wheel

    Top Ten Smiths and Morrissey songs (in different categories)

    Glad to see someone else who rates Speedway highly. In my book, it's #1. Haunting tune, can't get it out of my head.
  15. Asleep at the Wheel


    Outstanding tune, can't get enough of it.
  16. Asleep at the Wheel

    tonights show dec 2nd

    If anyone gets the whole show, please zip and post on The way he did it, it's very time-consuming to download. And half the tracks don't show up for me.
  17. Asleep at the Wheel

    Finally! Reading 1984!! (And Newport 1986!)

    Thanks georgethetwentythird! Outstanding uploads!
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