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  1. BookishBoy

    Morrissey A-Z: "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?"

    Next up is the second cover version to feature in our A-Z, the original being by Waylon Jennings. The live recording was included on the deluxe edition of Low in High School. For what it's worth, I really like this! (And interesting to read the comments below that YouTube clip: some negatives...
  2. BookishBoy

    Morrissey A-Z: "Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together"

    Next up in our gently evolving A-Z is this song, track five on Viva Hate. What do we think of this one?
  3. BookishBoy

    Morrissey A-Z: "Ammunition"

    Up next in the A-Z of Morrissey songs is this one, a Boz composition from the Maladjusted album. As with so many of his solo songs, for me this is musically bland but elevated by a lovely, understated vocal melody (he sounds so tired here) and intriguing lyrics.
  4. BookishBoy

    Morrissey A-Z: "America Is Not the World"

    Next up in the alphabetical list is this, the opening track of You Are The Quarry. What do we think? (It has reminded me of the Pitchfork review of YATQ from back in May 2004, one of the most interesting Morrissey album reviews I've ever read.)
  5. BookishBoy

    Morrissey A-Z: "Ambitious Outsiders"

    The next song up is "Ambitious Outsiders" from the Maladjusted album. What do we think? Do people like this song? (I've never really got the point of it, to be honest - and as a first-person plural lyric it pales in comparison to "Nobody Loves Us".)
  6. BookishBoy

    Morrissey A-Z: "Alsatian Cousin"

    What are our thoughts on this song? 1988 feels like a lifetime ago now, but as the opening track on the first solo album it still sounds amazing to me...
  7. BookishBoy

    Morrissey A-Z: "Alone Again (Naturally)"

    A very minor entry in our fledgling A-Z and I'm sure there's better footage out there than this - but still. For me, it always seems like too obvious of a song for Morrissey to cover. I remember hearing the original a lot on Radio 2 when I was very young. But hey - what does anyone else think...
  8. BookishBoy

    "The Poet of Social Distancing" article about A.E. Housman (and Wilde, and Morrissey)

    Great article here by Michael Weiss about A.E. Housman, loneliness, Oscar Wilde, Tom Stoppard, suffering for your art, etc. Includes mention of Morrissey's love of Housman. And some passages from Stoppard's play that resonate... Wilde: But the artist is the secret criminal in our midst. He is...
  9. BookishBoy

    "X's comeback and Morrissey's fall when do we let musicians off the hook for thinking bad thoughts" by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

    Here's a thoughtful, although for me almost entirely wrong, attempt to look at pop artists and how we judge their work in light of their "views" - using Morrissey and X as case studies. This section, for example, I genuinely...
  10. BookishBoy

    Graham Gouldman (ex 10cc, Hollies) interview mentions Morrissey/Marr - The Times of Israel

    The Times of Israel has a long interview with Graham Gouldman, covering pretty much his whole musical life. All good stuff, including this snippet here about Morrissey's cover of "East West": “It’s a very Mancunian song for some reason,” Gouldman says. “It makes me always think of Manchester...
  11. BookishBoy

    The Aquarian IANADOAC review by Vinny Cecolini A bit late in the day, but here's a very positive review of the album by Vinny Cecolini in The Aquarian (alongside reviews of albums by Pearl...
  12. BookishBoy

    Springsteen plays Morrissey on his SiriusXM radio show - April 8th

    Bruce Springsteen had a 90 minute guest DJ slot on SiriusXM today, during which he paid tribute to John Prine (RIP), played a bunch of songs by people like Dylan, Roy Orbison, Bon Jovi - and also "Everyday is Like Sunday" by Morrissey. About which Springsteen said: “Everybody’s wakin’ up these...
  13. BookishBoy

    IANADOAC international charts - Spain #7, Portugal #12, Germany #13, Austria #32, Italy #89, France #117

    The album entered the Portuguese chart at number 12, according to this: (My Portuguese is non-existent, so apologies if this is some kind of bullshit "not real sales" kind of...
  14. BookishBoy

    The Atlantic's pandemic playlist includes "My Hurling Days Are Done"

    The Atlantic (one of America's few sane media outlets these days) has a short piece about 13 songs to help get through the pandemic, and includes this great write-up (by James Parker) of "My Hurling Days Are Done": Forgive him his trespasses, as he might—actually probably wouldn’t—forgive...
  15. BookishBoy

    Entertainment Weekly article about artists going solo with success

    EW has an article / slideshow all about artists who left successful bands and who then remained successful in their solo careers (or became more so). It's a broad list, running from Paul Simon to Lauryn Hill and from Harry Styles to Beyonce - and includes Morrissey, of course...
  16. BookishBoy

    "Sad Boy Icon Morrissey Has a Vegas Residency, and I Have a Problem With It" - Dallas Observer article

    A rather strange article here, in the Dallas Observer, by a writer (and fan) who's upset about Morrissey playing Vegas this summer: Sad Boy Icon Morrissey Has a Vegas Residency, and I Have a Problem With It - Dallas Observer By Diamond Rodrigue Sample from the piece: And as if the whole idea...
  17. BookishBoy

    Stephen Street interview on BBC News site

    A nice little article about Stephen Street in advance of his Outstanding Achievement award at the Music Producers' Guild Awards. Includes a few little things like this: During the earlier recording of Strangeways, the producer remembers...
  18. BookishBoy

    Merck Mercuriadis mentions Morrissey in licensing question - Billboard Q&A

    Behind the Meteoric Rise of Merck Mercuriadis' Hipgnosis and Why He'd Like to 'Abolish the Word Publishing': Q&A - Billboard Billboard has just published another interview with Merck, about his Hipgnosis venture, which includes this exchange: Q: When you buy them [songs] outright, are there...
  19. BookishBoy

    "As a black teenager, I loved Morrissey. But heaven knows..." - Guardian article by Joshua Surtees

    Going by how many anti-Corbyn articles the Guardian managed to publish after he was first elected leader, I suspect they've got about another 150 of these anti-Morrissey pieces in the pipeline... As a black teenager, I loved Morrissey. But heaven knows I’m miserable now - Opinion / The Guardian...
  20. BookishBoy

    "California Son" review by Armond White in National Review

    Armond White, always an interesting writer, with a typically provocative and fascinating in-depth reading of the album: Morrissey’s California Son Makes Protest Music Personal - National Review "Morrissey proves that what we used to think of as protest songs contain more than virtue-signaling...
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