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  1. Carnival Kid

    Sunderland, 01/02/2008

    I've been waiting for this, thanks.
  2. Carnival Kid

    The Smiths - Leicester Polytechnic, Leicester 16/11/1983

    Thanks very much for posting. I did'nt think there was a bootleg for this. It was the first time I saw the Smiths and should bring back lots of good memories.
  3. Carnival Kid

    Echo and the bunneymen & the jam

    Decent Jam bootleg here - Dortmund 1980 Echo and the Bunnymen here - Tokyo 1984 Also Smiths - 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' and Morrissey 'Radio City 10th October 2004' available at the second site along...
  4. Carnival Kid

    Request: Mayfair, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 17 July 1986

    Thanks, very good show - loads of energy. Entrance to Dance of the Knights - I'd forgotten they came on stage to that, wonder what sort of reception it would get in Newcastle now.
  5. Carnival Kid

    David Cameron on Morrissey

    Might not be the official lyrics but "There are some bad people on the right They're saving their own skins by Ruining other people's lives Bad, bad people on the right"
  6. Carnival Kid

    Tons of Television Personalities rarities

    I love Television Personalities, thanks for this.
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