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  1. ChristianDior

    "Morrissey's retirement will be the perfect ending" - The Guardian

    Absolute rubbish. Consider the recent show in Stockton when the girl thanked him for his vital work and for making decency relevant, this work continues, and the band is flawless in power and execution. Sentiment be damned.
  2. ChristianDior

    Newbie here

    Re: Newbie here ! Jeff Buckley sang that one well, sadly missed..
  3. ChristianDior

    I've been gone two years

    I really enjoyed this place and made some friends, but lost touch, hope to get back with old friends and make some new ones too. I'm a singer/guitarist, live in the Bay area, California..:guitar: - Scott
  4. ChristianDior

    What are you doing to help Haiti?

    I never said anything was a prerequisite for anything, so perhaps it is you that is being stupid here..:crazy:
  5. ChristianDior

    What are you doing to help Haiti?

    merely an observation of humour, tho I suppose being British isn't a prerequisite for being dark...
  6. ChristianDior

    What are you doing to help Haiti?

    What you might not realize is that the day before the quake within the city limits of Port Au Prince , an estimated fifty thousand children were being kept legally as sex slaves under that country's twisted laws. Some are no doubt buried right now along with their captors. Within the...
  7. ChristianDior

    What are you doing to help Haiti?

    What are you doing to help Haiti? Or do you even care? I haven't figured out what to do yet, but I am going to listen to see what Wyclef Jean advises.
  8. ChristianDior

    who should produce morrissey's next album?

    Absolutely brilliant choice. Dre is a producer par excellence, this would usher in a new era, and would be relevant as hell. Would love to see it happen but I think its about as likely as my 'Plowshares' theory..:guitar:
  9. ChristianDior

    Do you agree or disagree with Morrissey?

    You would miss the next Morrissey record. Theres a reason to live for ya!:guitar:
  10. ChristianDior

    Lady GaGa

    "Truthfully, I do have a big donkey dick that everyone can suck" -Gaga
  11. ChristianDior

    Haha! Gaga has a peepee

    "Truthfully, I do have a big donkey dick that everyone can suck" -Gaga
  12. ChristianDior

    why name the album Swords?

    I'm still tenaciously clinging to my Swords to Plowshares theory..:guitar:
  13. ChristianDior

    Morrissey interview

    On 6 March 2007, in an episode of The Podge and Rodge Show, Sidebottom appeared in their 'Sham-Rock' talent section, performing a medley of songs by The Smiths. He received an overall score of 22 points from judges James Nesbitt and Glenda Gilson, putting him in 1st place for all the series'...
  14. ChristianDior

    Moz and the heckler

    The Headmaster doesn't suffer fools well. Dismissal and kick the shit out of very frightened German. This Headmaster is not spineless.
  15. ChristianDior


    Against fascism, Against hated, Against war, why not? The plowshare is often used to symbolize creative tools that benefit mankind, as opposed to destructive tools of war, symbolized by the sword, a similar sharp metal tool with an arguably opposite use. The common expression "beat swords into...
  16. ChristianDior

    Moz lyrics set off Latino gang photos

    This site is pretty remarkable, actually a celebration of California culture, and a helluva lot more too! I love California, and I really would not want to live anywhere else. For me there are two Californias, the deadly desert of Southern California and the lush green Northern California where...
  17. ChristianDior

    Late Steven Wells ridiculed Morrissey Fan

    When Screaming Lord Sutch made his record with Jimmy Page with his Union Jack car and Union Jack coats, nobody ever accused him of being racist. What the hell is wrong with a Union Jack? Nobody accuses us yanks of being racist when waving American flags. It seems we now live in a society...
  18. ChristianDior

    How much time (if any) should Morrissey take off before touring or recording again?

    Re: How much time (if any) should Morrissey take off before touring or recording agai I wish that touring and recording vs. good health didn't have to seem so mutually exclusive. My vote is I would like to see him back in the saddle as soon as possible if only to get past this frustrating turn...
  19. ChristianDior

    Morrissey statement on TTY 06/01/10

    I love Jesse, but I love this quote too. Makes me cringe to see someone try to duplicate something that simply can't be copied..:guitar:of course I attempt to do it every night but that doesn't count.
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