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  1. bogdana

    'f***' says Morrissey and the band

    That's right, it IS just a website. So it would have been nice for Moz to unwad his panties about it.
  2. bogdana

    David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

    I went to a Sting concert in 2001 where he played nearly three hours, all of the best from police and his solo career plus several of his new releases (of the time). It is still the best concert (musically) that I've been to, ever.
  3. bogdana

    David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

    Re: David Grohl throws someone out for fighting you know what is great about all this? New people will fix the boring trollness of this. sure we're ging to have new trolls, but this news brought people out of the woodwork (Like ME!) and will bring new people in with some personality (I...
  4. bogdana

    'DavidT banned from concerts for life' - main page article.

    bahahahaha. you're not an easy adversary... look i made another one, paint is fun!
  5. bogdana

    Morrissey bans owner davidt from concerts for life

    keep hiding behind the 'anonymous' tag people claim to hate so much...
  6. bogdana

    Morrissey bans owner davidt from concerts for life

    Moz is now a total fascist in my eyes. How the f*** does he turn his nose up at our country (that he very much likes to live in!) and call us a "police state" but he wants to ban someone from his concerts because he doesnt like the guy's WEBSITE? Jesus pete...
  7. bogdana

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Do I know anyone here anymore? Hmmmm
  8. bogdana

    What song are you listening to right now?

    sister im a poet, which is why I came back to visit. Hi!
  9. bogdana

    Robert Downey, Jr. Is the Hotness

    nom nomnom nom nommmmmmmmm
  10. bogdana

    Get Knitting!

    im working on a dishcloth, a coffee cozy, and a stole. ho hum, not particularly creative!
  11. bogdana

    tell us about the last Film you saw

    I saw Iron Man 2, it was great, I love RDJ, i know he's only 5'8" on a good day but that's no deterrant ;) I still think Terrence Howard should have been Rhodey again. Don Cheadle is not an action hero! Looking forward to more Favreau/Avengers action...
  12. bogdana

    I am going to see Eddie Izzard at MSG!

    I am so excited. After I graduate Jason is taking me to NYC to see Avenue Q and on the 16th we have FRONT ROW tickets for Eddie Izzard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! And most of my friends IRL are dumb and dont realize how cool that is so I am telling YOU GUYS!! :D
  13. bogdana

    My Entire Poerty Collection

    awww i understand. well i will be done w/the nursing program on December 14th. I am very excited about that. Really the 15th, but the thing i have to do on the 15th is stupid and requires very little mental energy. I am going to be one year older on Sunday. weeee! and... things have really...
  14. bogdana

    My Entire Poerty Collection

    pretty good, just busy, should be studying right this second but i got bored. anything new and fabulous going on?
  15. bogdana

    How do you live your life?

    what the hell, you hate me now?? obviously i am joking about the meat... where is the eyerolling icon...
  16. bogdana

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    i should really learn to curb my spontaneous email ideas.
  17. bogdana

    What will you be for Halloween this year? (If you choose to celebrate.)

    im going to be Kat Von D. I kind of look like a transvestite. and I can do a SCARILY ACCURATE voice impersonation.
  18. bogdana

    How do you live your life?

    i try to eat extra meats to make up for all the vegetarians out there who don't. ;) for real though, carl said it best, 'it doesnt matter... none of this matters'. i find living by that makes for a less stressful life.
  19. bogdana

    Are there any black people here?

    are there black people in Ireland?!?!!? :P
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