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  1. bogdana

    I am going to see Eddie Izzard at MSG!

    I am so excited. After I graduate Jason is taking me to NYC to see Avenue Q and on the 16th we have FRONT ROW tickets for Eddie Izzard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! And most of my friends IRL are dumb and dont realize how cool that is so I am telling YOU GUYS!! :D
  2. bogdana

    Dear Moz Solo Effers

    I've basically been gone (with the rare posting here and there) for almost two years (you can blame nursing school and facebook). Please summarize what has gone on :lbf: :D So I can reenter the flow of thought until I go back to school monday hee hee love and kissez BJ
  3. bogdana

    Handmade goodies

    I thought I'd start a thread in here for people's etsy accounts and the like, because I have one and I want to whore it out. Its mostly knitting/toiletry/cosmetic baggery. :D / whoring:thumb:
  4. bogdana

    For nugz

  5. bogdana

    This is why people don't help people who get hurt.

    The news clip: Good Samaritan to be sued The print story: Good Samaritan to be sued Alexandra Van Horn claims that Lisa Torti pulled her out of the vehicle, which had just crashed into a lamp post at 45mph, "like a rag doll" and contributed to her injuries. Miss Torti, who was travelling...
  6. bogdana

    Woot off happening NOW!!
  7. bogdana

    Borderline Personality Disorder; do you gots it?

    Find out here: Borderline personality disorder online quiz Here's a test to cover all personality disorders: Personality Disorders I find that at least 20% of patrons to this website may have this problem and probably needed a little nudge into the right direction. Its good to find insight...
  8. bogdana

    Don't take offense...

    But im doing some cleanup on myspace and facebook. I decided to remove my moz solo friends (i will stay in the moz solo group though). I do this because I feel like I dont set enough limits between my private life and the internet, ha ha ha. I'm still going to be around. I'm dumping people...
  9. bogdana

    Which new pair of glasses do you like best?

    Sorry the pics are bleached out and makeupless. We can't be divas 24/7. I'm fresh out the shower so at least I don't stink. The brown ones: THe red ones: (blurry bc i shake too much when taking self pics) old ones:
  10. bogdana

    You can thank me later

    Say goodbye to a few hours: Fantastic Contraption
  11. bogdana

    Should I be panicking or something?

    I'm curious, is our country about to implode? This bailout happens and the stocks dropped like a sack of brown stinky stuff. And apparently the Nikkei is down and now Japan is proposing a bailout. Did they have greedy sub prime mortgaging going on too? Japan is now scaring me. I need to go...
  12. bogdana

    The Finer Things Club

    This is a closed club. Only some of you are allowed to join in! We'll have to do it from our homes though since we're so spread out. I'm thinking that tonight, I'll be having some Cabot sharp cheddar with today's choice, Boordy winery's 2007 Riesling. How about you? As for book reading we'll...
  13. bogdana

    Diabetes Mellitus

    As most of you know I am i nursing school. I have a little project, to come up with a lunch for a patient who has Diabetes type 2. He likes to eat full plates of food so we have to make sure there is quantity in the meal. I'm allowed 2 starches, 3 meats, 1 veg, 1 fruit and 1 'free food' (those...
  14. bogdana

    I need a new sig picture.

    Find me one, no political banners allowed :) We'll have a poll to choose the best one (or the one you all want to stick me with and make me embarrassed!).
  15. bogdana

    I think my neighbor may be dead

    So all of my neighbors are 70 +. I'm pretty sure one of them is dead now he's been at the local hospital for three weeks and they keep moving him to more serious wards. He had several problems BEFORE the MI so there is not much hope he's coming back. I know you were expecting a "theres a...
  16. bogdana

    Debate drinking game

    Watching the debate? Want to make it more interesting? Drink everytime they say "country" or "money" ha ha ! Or better yet... "change"!
  17. bogdana

    Proof that money is the root of all evil

    I checked my banking balance this morning and this is what I found: :eek: how often do you think this happens ha ha ha
  18. bogdana

    Poll: Next Famous, older Black dude to die.

    Vote away! It comes in threes... 1)Bernie Mac 2)Isaac Hayes 3)your guess is as good as mine!
  19. bogdana

    Dog on Dog aggression

    I have a Boston Terrier female. She's 6 years old, 20 lbs, and until now I didnt realise just how much I was spoiling her. She thinks she's pack leader. We got a pug mix, 25 lbs, female. F-F is never a good mix, heh. But the pug mix was on the chopping block at the SPCA so Jason couldn't leave...
  20. bogdana

    Japanese suicide on front e-page of Japan Today nearly every day

    There is a cultural belief system in Japan where suicide is not looked at as a cardinal sin, but almost honorable. Because of this, Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Suicide suspends yamanote line ops more than 4 hours you'd think suicides wouldn't make the news there...
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