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    Super rare official Smithdom Ltd shirt on eBay
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    Free - scraps of Mozzer's shirt(s), water bottles he's drank from, etc.

    I'm cleaning out some stuff and came across some things that I once cherished, but no longer feel the need to keep. My first thought was to try to sell these things, but I have no way of proving their authenticity and what on earth would be a decent asking price??? I then thought about just...
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    Lots of super rare Smiths & Moz records up for auction
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    Signed Bona Drag LP from Salford Lads Club pop-up + others

    I've got some Moz & Smiths goodies up on eBay right now. Lots of other records that may be of interest too. Bid high, bid often.
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    Signed Bigmouth 12", Handsome Devils French promo, Shoplifters German black vinyl plus other treasure! more to be listed soon.
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    Auctions close today
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    Australian Ask 7" & I Have Forgiven Jesus CD-R promo + others

    Hello all. I've got an Australian Ask 7", a I Have Forgiven Jesus CD-R promo, a sealed Handsome Devils French promo CD, and some other items up for auction. Get those XXX-Mas gifts for the Moz / Smiths collector on your shopping list. ;)...
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    Morrissey rarities - auctions closing today
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    Bona Drag signed LP bundle from Salford Lads Club pop up shop

    I have a spare signed Bona Drag LP bundle for sale. Includes the signed LP, a t-shirt that was ONLY available with the bundle, and an Action Is My Middle Name poster (boxing Mozzer). These were ONLY available at the Salford Lads Club pop up shop the weekend of Mozzer's homecoming gig in...
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    How to find Mike Joyce

    Hello all, I'm traveling to Manchester very soon and I'm wondering if any of you may know how to find Mike Joyce. I have several Smiths records signed by Moz, Johnny, and Andy - I Mike to complete the puzzles. He rarely (if ever) comes stateside. I know he hosts a radio show over there. Do any...
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    The Cure's current tour manager

    Anyone know the name of The Cure's current tour manager?
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    Some rarities available on eBay

    I have some records available (some Smiths n Moz) on eBay. Have a look.....
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    Lots of Record Collector magazine's top 100 Smiths rarities now up for auction

    The liquidation continues...... Have a see and grab some great rarities!!!!
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    Mega rare items are about to go up for sale

    Hello everyone. I'm thinking of listing some serious rarities on eBay but though I'd see in there is interest here first. The following are for sale: Interesting Drug UK 7" Test Pressing Last Of The Famous UK 7" Test Pressing Satan Rejected My Soul UK 7" Test Pressing Hold Onto Your...
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    Lots of great auctions closing today

    I got kinda busy and wasn't able to list too much this past week, but here are six auctions I have ending today. So pretty great stuff! I should be able to list another 10 - 20 things this week though (fingers crossed) so keep your eyes peeled and watch my seller's account on eBay...
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    Lots of great auctions closing today Lots of auctions ending today. Don't forget to place your bids!
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    I'm selling TONS of Moz and Smiths goodies this week. Promos, Posters, Exit Smiling, tour itinerarie

    I'm selling the bulk of my Morrissey and Smiths collection. Have a see...........
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    my Moz & Smiths eBay auctions

    Have a look and see if you can fill some gaps in your collection...........
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    Grand Ole Opry House tickets for sale or trade

    I have 3 sets of tickets (2) for this show and am no longer able to make it. I'm asking face value + fees, same as I paid. I would also trade any of these for tickets to the Chicago and or Bloomington gigs. MEZ-18 Row A seats 13 & 14 $120 MEZ-18 Row E seats 8 & 9 $120 Main Floor-2 row...
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    Wanted: Forgiven Jesus Christmas tree ornament

    I tried last year with no luck, but I thought I'd have another go at it......I'm looking to buy one of the official I Have Forgiven Jesus Christmas tree ornaments from several years back. I have money OR I have stuff to trade.
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