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    Morrissey on panorama trailer

    See if you can spot him for 10
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    Robbies Keane

    :D Beat the blue scum 2-1
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    Good record stores in london...

    Can anyone recommend any good ones, my two local ones just closed down within the last year or so. ALso what is the going rate now in a record store for a bog standard 12 " and 7" SMiths/Morrissey record.
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    outro to IKIGHOD used on film 4 trail

    For your information That will be all....:guitar: IKIGHSD
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    How popular is this website?

    Anyone know? is it the number one moz website?
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    Morrissey featured in Daily Mail Live Magazine

    Little section about how Thats How People Grow up is the must have single of the week, and that it is his best stuff since the 1990's This is not the exact words of the article
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    If anyone has a spare 1 ticket for the sunday roundhouse

    then i would be very grateful, missed out and i am not willing to give the touts any of my money. so if anyone has for face value plus postage then let me know cheerssss
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    Is there any smiths material on 8-track

    Like the title says, i suspect not, but i took a shit as there may have been some maybe some promos?
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    BBC- Anyone know anything aboust

    Were any vinyl records ever printed for the smiths with the bbc logo on in black and written horizonatlly on the label? Also white label test pressing - would test pressings still have the etchings on them or are these promos? Cheers
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    Would it destroy you if....

    You found out that Morrissey was a marketing gimick manufactured by some mogul somewhere? 'Morrissey' was played by an actor whose real name was Justin Goodwood.... Would this really upset you, and if it was the case would you rather not be told?
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    Ilford 'Pineapple' Gig?

    Did anyone on here attend that gig in the late 90's? I would be intrigued to here what it was like and what an earth brought Morrissey to the area?
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    Request: Sister I'm A Poet

    Normally i would;nt request any pre-recorded available to purchase in the shops material, however i made the mistake of letting someone borrow a few cds and its ruined!!! So anyone got it, if you want to PM me or e-mail please feel free. Cheers.
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    If Morrisseys songs were released by other bands...

    Or anon would they do any better in the charts. I think that most of the album tracks he has made if released by a variety of bands would have charted in a very successful way. One thing that holds Morrissey back in terms of chart success, is that there seems to be certain barriers to...
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    early version of hand in glove? from 1980 apparently
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    Perfect 10 by beautiful south...

    is about willy size oh no my perfect world:eek:
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    Merry St Georges day

    That will be all
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    Has anyone taken a minute to read the titles of posts on this page?

    Very strange reading, from laughter to alarm to nothingness...
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    Tribute acts

    do you approve of them, and can you recommend any? i have not seen a good one on Youtoob yet,
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    Odd Man
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