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    Brighton Morrissey and Smiths night 24th May

    From the people who brought you I Lost My Bag in Newport Pagnell... in Newport Pagnell... A Brighton Smiths and Morrissey Night! Friday 24th May, 9.30pm, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, £4 entry A night dedicated exclusively to the music of The Smiths and Morrissey, featuring a Smiths tribute...
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    WANTED! 2011 tour t shirts

    Hi everyone, Really regretting not buying one of the 2011 t shirts at Hop Farm. If anyone has a link other than ebay which features the t shirts on sale I'd love to know. In particular I liked the cat one and the barber shop one. Anyone have any info? Cheers Lucia
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    There Is A Light, monthly Moz-esque night in Milton Keynes!

    Dear Morrissey fans, There Is A Light is a monthly eclectic alternative night based in Milton Keynes. Our next night, on the 20th May, is two days before Moz's birthday and we will be making an extra effort to fill the Slug and Lettuce venue with Smiths and solo favourites. If HMV won't stock...
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    I Lost My Bag in Newport Pagnell...3! Moz and Smiths Karaoke & DJs...

    Hi everyone Just wanted to let you know about our third 'I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell' in...Newport Pagnell! Where: The Cannon - Newport Pagnell High Street - Off the M1 -...
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    4 Poofs and a Piano do 'Last of the famous...'

    On Jonathan Ross this evening, was quite humerous
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    Nick Cave announces tour dates

    Hi Just to let any Nick Cave fans he has announced a tour, on sale friday also, if anyone is a fan, any guesstimations on how much the tickets will be? thanks lucia
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    Morrissey + Billy Bragg

    Hi :) I did a quick search of the forums but nothing seemed to answer my question.. What I would like to know is - did Morrissey ever say he liked Billy Bragg, or vice versa. I know of Billy Bragg's covers and such, but i thought the reason i started listeing to Bragg was because i was...
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    Famous Faces spotted at the Roundhouse?

    Hi, hope all with tickets are enjoying the gigs! On Monday Mark Kermode (film critic) was standing nearby me, anyone else spot anyone? Just curious! Luciaxxx I LOST MY BAG IN NEWPORT PAGNELL - MOZ AND SMITHS NIGHT - 16TH FEB - THE CANNON, NEWPORT PAGNELL HIGH STREET
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    I Lost My Bag In Newport Pagnell...2! Smiths/Moz Night 16th Feb

    Hello everyone We're excited to tell you we're putting on another Smiths/Morrissey night 'I Lost My Bag in Newport Pagnell..2' The Cannon, in Newport Pagnell High Street Saturday 16th Feb from 8pm Tribute band 'The Great Holm Ruffians' playing live Still just £2! We hope everyone...
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    Tickets Still Available On Seetickets For Every Date

    If you still need them... good luck X
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    PICS from "I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell" on Friday!!!

    You can find all the pictures here PLEASE add us!!! We are hoping to do another night as this one was such an unexpected success. Thanks to everyone who made the enourmous effort to come (Kings Lynn, Brent Cross and Dunstable to name a few!!!) Simon Lucia...
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    "I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell" A Smiths and Morrissey Night with DJs and cover band The Cannon, Newport Pagnell (near Milton Keynes/Northampton) 14th September, 8pm-midnight Should be a brilliant night, get the word out there and hope to see some of you there! Love Lucia...
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    Johnny Marr and Modest Mouse tonight at KoKo

    Just amazing. I was standing right in front of Marr, I was so close to him. The new material between himself and MM is really great, certainly got the Marr jangle to it. He looked really amazing as he played, so natural. It was just such an experience to see the other half of a band I love...
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    Modest Mouse 21/11 Koko - Marr playing with them?

    Hi everyone I bought a ticket for Modest Mouse on Nov 21st at Koko London and I'm really hoping this will be when Johnny Marr is playing for them live. are reporting he will be anyone else going/heard about this? I got my ticket from stargreen box office x
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    songs played before morrissey on stage??

    HI!!! sorry im SURE this has already been posted but was wondering what was played before moz went onstage, in the 2006 tour, as well as 'youll never walk alone' thank you x
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    tattoo update

    sorry it took me ages to get to this: its quite an ugly picture
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    morrissey tattoo update

    hello :] a while ago i posted about morrissey tattoo's and people came up with lots of great ideas and shared their own tattoo's well i finally got one this week! in new york. it is 'still ill' just under my ankle in black ink, i really like it but it did hurt so much! thanks for all...
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    What Morrissey song do you think most resembles The Smiths?

    For me it has to be 'I Don't Mind If You Forget Me.' What about you?
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    I just found this perfect setlist...

    From Dublin, on Boz Boorer's site. I'm not one to complain about the current setlist because I'm just thankful to see the man, however compare it to this stunner. Other people might not agree, but considering my fave Smiths song is I Want the one i can't have, and fave Moz songs are Suedehead...
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    The Organ

    A fantastic canadian all girl group who have been compared to the smiths and morrissey. their music is great even though it does get a bit repeatative. listen to steven smith, basement band and memorize the city x
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