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    For sale: Vintage T-shirts of Queen is Dead & Shoplifters; 12" LPs of Eponymous, Louder & QID

    Re: For your interest The Queen is deas shirt is not genuine from the 80's. Authentic t-shirts at the time were labeled "smithdom" at the bottom of the picture of the album cover. But here, nothing is written.
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    Hi, I'm interested in your pink lollipop shirt. Is it still selling ? Thanks for answering...

    Hi, I'm interested in your pink lollipop shirt. Is it still selling ? Thanks for answering. Best regards
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    Some great Bits N Bobs for your collection

    Hi, Do you ship in the entire world, including Europe and particularly France ? Thanks for answering.
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    Morrissey and Smiths Vintage/Tour T-shirts FS

    Hi, the link doesn't work. Is it normal ? It says you have no item to sell.
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    Original Tshirts Wanted

    3 great real original vintage shirts in ebay: hatful of hollow, first album and meat is murder. Shame size S ! You can go, they are real !
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    Hi, where did you find the grey queen is dead shirt ? Thanks for answering
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    Picture of a part of my shirt'collection
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    Smiths Morrisey for sale! All my collection!

    Hi, do you have shirts to sell ?
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    What does everyone collect?

    And can you show us pictures from your collection ?
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    morrissey/smiths tshirts - post what you're wearing...

    The day before yesterday I wore this great shirt I bought in France in 1986 after buying "there is a light", shirt that i've never ever seen since many many years...
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    I started something shirt from 1987 to exchange

    Hi, I propose to exchange this shirt to another one. It's in my collection since 1987, size XL, ans has never been worn, so is in great condition. I don't especially need money but I want to add new shirts to my collection. Only one obligation: shirt must be size M or L max (I lost ten...
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    Looking for Smiths T-shirts

    One precision: The Smiths shirts I'm looking for are vintage and originals from 83 to 87...
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    Looking for Smiths T-shirts

    Hi, I'm a french newcomer, and 'd like to add few pieces to my little collection of Smiths shirts. So, if you have some and are ready to send them, please let me know... Thanks by advance
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