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  1. Kuiper

    Has anyone noticed that Playboys was NOT played in Omaha?

    "Single That's How People Grow Up CD Single backed with “The Last Of The Famous International Playboys” (Recorded Live At The Orpheum Theater, Omaha, Nebraska, 11th May, 2007)" But Passions and the main page of Solo do not have this song on the setlists for Omaha, in fact as I recall Playboys...
  2. Kuiper

    Practising Troublemaker's 1000th post!

    Congrats, PT! :)
  3. Kuiper

    So what was your favorite new addition to the setlist?

    I notice that when I start a rather straightforward topic like this I always have annoying introductory posts. So not this time. :p EDIT: I didn't have room to include the least played new additions, Good Looking Man About Town and Interesting Drug. I don't expect the former to be very popular...
  4. Kuiper

    IF The Smiths did reform, what kind of reunion would/should it be?

    Let's set aside SHOULD The Smiths get back together and whether or not they will, let's discuss what would happen if they already had agreed to. We've all heard the multi-million dollar offers of a world tour, but let's set aside why they reunited and who made them and for what purpose, just...
  5. Kuiper

    What is your favorite live version of songs that appear on more than one live album?

    I hope the question makes sense. And I meant to say live album or live video but it was too long, so Manchester, Dallas, and Introducing are included. Let's see, these are all I can think of, someone correct me if I'm wrong (my choices in bold): Bigmouth Strikes Again - Rank and Live at...
  6. Kuiper

    Which of the NEW additions will be first to go?

    This is a strange question, I know. You might expect a thread asking which of the songs he has been playing for a while (Killed Me, LMKY, Boy Happy, et c.) to go first, but for every Disappointed and National Front Disco that is played at almost every show on a tour, there are five If You Don't...
  7. Kuiper

    Optimist or pessimist?

  8. Kuiper

    OMG, 7 threads, it came to pass!

    Congratulations everyone, we did it! No more congratulating Kewpie, WE are the heroes here. We made 7 threads in her honor (once this one is posted). A round of applause for US!
  9. Kuiper

    The Official Congrats to Kewpie/A Thread for Each Thousand? Threadley Extravaganza!

    NOTE: Only the medley of these two threads is official. Neither of the constituent parts (a congratulation to Kewpie and asking about the possibility of a new spamming tradition of creating a thread for each thousand a person has posted when they reach a milestone post) is official, but their...
  10. Kuiper

    Congrats to the 3rd Kewpie thread!

    Keep up the good work, Kewpie threads. Here's to 5 of them! Well, now you got three! What are you gonna do about it? Merge them all into one? Hahaha! Oh wait, you probably will. :o ;)
  11. Kuiper

    Westie's 4,000!

    Congrats to Westie! :D
  12. Kuiper

    Now that the tour is over, this may interest some...

    Here, the complete live stats of The Smiths and Morrissey! But subject to a lot of human error and historical doubt. This is guaranteed to NOT be completely accurate. Many of the early Smiths concert don't have known setlists, so I just ignored them because it doesn't disturb anything too much...
  13. Kuiper

    Favorite and least favorite composition by each songwriter?

    The question is straightforward enough, what is your favorite composition (going by music alone, not lyrics or Morrissey's vocals, so only the things within the control of the composer) by each of Morrissey's songwriters? Or you don't have to answer for the more obscure songwriters, you can just...
  14. Kuiper

    Favorite non-album single?

    Because the total number of non-LP singles released by Morrissey and The Smiths exceeds the maximum number of poll options, I chose to eliminate those compiled on Bona Drag from the list because Bona Drag is treated basically like any other album by most fans.
  15. Kuiper

    Oh no!!! 10,000 posts, what am I gonna do??

    Poll present... Other suggestions welcome...
  16. Kuiper

    What do you think of love?

    The poll is private because love is a private business... (As always the poll does not aim to be exhaustive)
  17. Kuiper

    "I Want to Wrap My Arms Around Paris"

    Discuss... I for one think this song will be surprisingly good and he gave it a...umm...interesting title just for fun. The user FDR kindly uploaded a video of the song here:
  18. Kuiper

    What things that Morrissey...Pt. 2

    Come on, you know you wanna vote in a second poll. :p
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