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    Some cartoon thing

    That I found.
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    I live alone
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    Like A Virgin (demo)

    As a songwriter myself I found this very interesting.
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    US healthcare - live streaming

    For those of us outside USA watch the debate and vote here. PASS THE BILL NOT THE BUCK
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    Johnny Marr's first guitar (cartoon)
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    John & Yoko wedding anniversary

    World peace didn't happen... but at least they tried. More innocent times..
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    Coronation St do Jeremy Kyle

    Did you see this? Did you did you?
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    Smiths song used by racist scum

    Racists have used a cover version of 'this night has opened my eyes' to help peddle their lies about a church in Manchester being destroyed to build a mosque. The story is UNTRUE. The church site was derelict and no graves have been destroyed. Here lies the lies...
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    Earrings and stuff

    A friend of mine is making and selling beautiful earrings and stuff. I said I'd help put the word about. Please take a look, these Tinkerbell earrings are my favourite.. And she's been in love with Morrissey for ever. Thanks.
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    Cribs take T in the park 2010

    As the title says, Cribs doing T in park. Just confirmed. Woo Hoo.. I think.
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    Hasn't this been discussed before?

    I'm sure this topic has been covered. Can someone merge threads please?
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    Timewaster letters/phone calls

    If you've ever read the hilarious Timewaster Letters book then you will love this. Timewaster phone calls. If you've never read the book you should. You can listen to this first if you want, it is very funny.
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    Platt Fields June 12th?

    Just announced: Ian Brown is playing Platt Fields park, Manchester on June 11th. Another MAJOR ARTIST is to play the following day. Could it be....?
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    I like Robert Tressell

    I like Robert Tressell. So I do.
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    Loser Terry snubbed by Winner Wayne
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    Hand in glove 7" price?

    How much is a fair price to pay for Hand in Glove 7" with Manchester address?
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    Courtney Love covers 'suffer little children'

    She did 'suffer little children' in Milan. Not my cup of tea.
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    You want this

    I want this.
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    The drummer goes South (reJoyce)

    He's talking about Manchester nightclub, South. See you there?
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    The Strange Boys

    I'm living the new single, Be Brave, by The Strange Boys. Anyone else?
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