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  1. Because We Must

    Font used on Strangeways

    Hi, Does anyone know what font they used for 'The Smiths' on the Strangeways cover?!
  2. Because We Must


    Could anyone upload the book? The link on the old thread is not working. Thanks in advance!
  3. Because We Must

    Band from texas - please help

    Hi, I'm looking for this band that I head once, I remember they're from Texas. Called something similar Foxtrot or TrotFox... googled but cant find them. Please help.
  4. Because We Must

    Need help from the US

    Hi Americans, Been looking for this for many years, I finally found but I can't watch it because I'm in the UK. Would someone be kind enough to upload it on Youtube? I'll be forever thankful.
  5. Because We Must

    Request - I Was Morrissey's Drummer/ Rubber Ring's 'You are sleeping...'

    Hi guys, Just wondering if someone could post or direct me to the links for that Andrew Paresi BBC show and to the original recording of that sample used at the end on Rubber ring. Thanks a lot.
  6. Because We Must

    Shelagh Delaney photo

    Hi, does anyone have that Shelagh Delaney photo from the Saturday Evening Post? The one used on the Louder Than Bombs cover. Thanks in advance.
  7. Because We Must

    Loafing oafs in all-night chemists

    Whats the meaning of this line?
  8. Because We Must

    Rough Trade promo, large poster for sale (ORIGINAL)

    Hi guys, I've got a large The World Won't Listen poster for sale, original, printed by Cartel in excellent condition, please PM offers. Thanks
  9. Because We Must

    Ally pally afterparty

    How can one get in in the afterparty tonight?
  10. Because We Must

    Quarry night, RAH?

    Is there gonna be a Quarry or any other Smiths/ Morrissey related night after the RAH concert? Thanks in advance
  11. Because We Must

    The Smiths is Dead - T-shirt

    hi, has anyone ever seen that smiths is dead/ oscar wilde t-shirt? or does anyone have a high quality image of the print? thanks in advance
  12. Because We Must

    Italy concerts?

    what the hell is wrong with Morrissey's management? adding dates and no reschedulings?
  13. Because We Must

    Birmingham canceled as well

  14. Because We Must

    Honey, you know where to find me

    I've read on the inlay that the song (well, the place to find him) is the Good the days before the British Invasion...when he was the youngest person in pub playing in the Jukebox. Sorry if I misquoted him...anyway...I remember his Camden/ Good Mixer days was around 95/96 when he was...
  15. Because We Must

    I've got 2 spare Stall tickets for the Royal Albert Hall

    Hey guys, £85 for 2 tickets. PM me if you have any questions. Thanks
  16. Because We Must

    Dylan's new album

    Hi, Just finished listening to Together through life....great stuff, even though that's the 5th or 6th new voice he's using. Any thoughts?
  17. Because We Must

    'Strangeways Here Come' full picture

    hello, I'm after the full picture of Richard Davallos and James Jean used for the Strangeways cover and also seen on Suedehead video. Can't find it anywhere online, just wondering if someone have this. Thanks a lot.
  18. Because We Must

    The Smiths s/t (inner sleeve question)

    Hi guys, In my time I've been across to 3 different inner sleeves on The Smiths' first album. All 3 of them were Rough Trade originals and with ophotos/ lyrics printed, here are some examples: 1- Glossy/ very hard paper inner sleeve; 2- Very soft paper with plastic attached on the...
  19. Because We Must

    Codreanu, please help me.

    Codreanu posted a classical mix a while ago, just wondering if anyone dowloaded?! If not, Cod, could you upload it again? Thanks a lot
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