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  1. JennieMisanthrope

    Passions Just Like Mine RIP

    Re: quit! Maybe Stephane just couldn't keep the sight up? It's too bad, such a wealth of information. I wonder if it is the case that he doesn't have the time/funds, or whatever, if he would consider transferring it. (I don't even know if that is possible!)
  2. JennieMisanthrope

    Rest In Peace, Mel

    It's been two years, and it feels like only yesterday. I hope "wherever you are you are, you are singing now."
  3. Morrissey Tattoos

    Morrissey Tattoos

    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. A memorial tattoo for my very good friend, Mel.
  4. Morrissey Tattoos

    Morrissey Tattoos

    Wrist tattoos
  5. Morrissey Tattoos

    Morrissey Tattoos

    Don't Lose Faith chest tattoo
  6. JennieMisanthrope

    Tattoo Enquiry

    Re: Morrissey Tattoo I love it. I have 3 Morrissey related tattoos, and I love seeing other peoples.
  7. JennieMisanthrope

    morrissey frink thread!

    This is a pic a friend of mine showed me. His hair!!!!!
  8. JennieMisanthrope

    Rosario - Metropolitano (Mar. 3, 2012) post-show

    My friend took this video during the show. It is "You Have Killed Me"
  9. JennieMisanthrope

    morrissey frink thread!

    one of my faves!
  10. JennieMisanthrope

    Members Pics I posted on the first page back in 06, here I am six years later with a new account. Has it really been that long?
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