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  1. First of the Gang

    'Saint Morrissey' by Mark Simpson

    I purchased this book the other day, and really looking forward to reading it. Mark Simpsons seems a very sharp, witty author and a true Moz fan. Having read the first two chapters, I am impressed and really looking forward to getting more involved in it. Has anyone else read this, and what...
  2. First of the Gang


    Having ordered my tickets on Thursday 12th October, I have still to receive them for Morrissey. I am beginning to get slightly worried (as you do), and wondering if anyone else's tickets have arrived? Thanks.
  3. First of the Gang

    Do you have a Moz tattoo?

    As the title states. If you do, give us a description of what it is etc, and maybe even a picture. I am very much considering getting one.:)
  4. First of the Gang

    How many gigs will you be attending?

    As the title states - how many gigs will you be attending in December? Due to shortage of income (I'm only 16), I may try and attend two gigs - Glasgow and Manchester. Glasgow is a definite, Manchester will be a bonus. I can't really afford to see Him twice, but I really really would love to.
  5. First of the Gang

    New Album?

    Hi, I am just curious, and have a question. Does anyone know if Morrissey is intending, or in the middle of writing another album? Thank you. I just want to see him again incredibly much. Having seen him 3 times already I still want more. Thanks in advance.
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