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    Returning member

    You made me google/read more about Huysmans - I knew of the name but not much beyond that... I think I may have to order me a copy of Against Nature..!
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    Alain Whyte: "Life Is A Pigsty" - Safe At Home Sessions (May 22, 2020)

    I should revisit Ringleader - It is also one of my favorite albums - but I have not listened to it in a very long time... I wonder how it's aged
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    Poll I am not a dog on a chain - rated

    I was just noticing this too... I wonder if the printed ones are earlier versions that were changed in the recording...
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    "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" released (March 20, 2020)

    There is no digital download code card in the vinyl?
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    Official Facebook Signed items competition (March 25, 2020)

    What's the difference between this and Mporium?
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    At last Sunday's Boca-River game

    Is it that obvious that I have never been to an old frim game? I was sure I was good at hiding that one!! :p But have you been to an AEK-Olympiakos game? ;) Ok, my point was about the odd place to see the t-shirt... Any offence to national leagues, local derbys, football anthem composers...
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    At last Sunday's Boca-River game

    Did I love it? I got married there last week (Thursday before the game!) Absolutely wonderful city! I would not be surprised if Moz writes a song about it (maybe some pun about its brown water?) Can't wait to revisit and go south to Patagonia.
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    At last Sunday's Boca-River game

    I think the t-shirt did have signatures on the Dolls pic. I didn't talk to the guy wearing it. Not sure if he is Argentinean, but he did speak fluent Spanish (from what I could hear).
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    At last Sunday's Boca-River game

    I was in Buenos Aires last Sunday (I do not live there) and managed to get tickets to the Boca Juniors vs. River Plate game. For those who do not follow football/soccer it's the biggest match in Argentina (possibly in South America), especially when played in Boca's stadium, La Bombonera...
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    Need 1 or 2 for Bowery or Webster - Swap for Carnegie

    The two Carnegie are still available... PM me or reply until 5pm if interested.
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    Need 1 or 2 for Bowery or Webster - Swap for Carnegie

    I still have the two Carnegie if anyone is interested... kb007 I sent u a PM...
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    Need 1 or 2 for Bowery or Webster - Swap for Carnegie

    Hello, I am looking for one or two tickets for the Bowery Ballroom or Webster Hall. I can buy or swap with tickets for Carnegie Hall (Dress Circle - GG - hard tickets). Thank you MT
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    Smiths - BBC Crown Jewels - VH1 - last Thursday

    Hi all, the Smiths episode of the BBC Crown Jewels program was shown last Thursday on VH1. Did anyone catch it? Sorry for posting this late, but I noticed it after my DVR recorded it. But keep an eye out, as they sometimes repeat the programs. There is more information in this thread...
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    4 Philly Tix for sale - but they are in NYC

    Hi there, I can't make it to tonight's show because of work... :( I have 4 tickets (the 49.50 level - Orch B) for sale, but I am located in Manhattan... Let me know as soon as you can if you want them... Mitsos
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