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    Peepholism: Into the Art of Morrissey

    First edition copy. I bought this as soon as it was released. Read once and packed it away for safe keeping. Book is in excellent condition.
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    Anyone interested in any of these?

    I have the following: Morrissey Beautiful Liar Bona Fide Drag Dreams I'll Never See - July 9, 1992 Famous International Playboy Famous When Dead Happy X-Mas I'm A Poet In Person Sings His Life - Live in Paris ('91) That's New Entertainment - Live in Budokan, Tokyo, 2nd Sep 1991 Smiths...
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    For Sale: Morrissey and The Smiths Live and Rare Audio Cassettes

    All -- I'm doing some spring cleaning (during the winter it feels like spring here in Arizona ;) ) and I'm selling all of my Morrissey and Smiths live cassettes! If nobody wants them they're going in the bin but I thought someone here might like to have them! Don't let your beloved Mozzer end...
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    Putting my entire Moz collection up for sale. Need help pricing 3 items.

    1) Beethoven Was Deaf (Parlophone White Label Promo Sampler) - 4trk Cassette 2) Boxers (UK Promo Single) 3trk CD 3) Boxers (US Promo Single) 1trk CD Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, --Dave
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    FOR SALE: Smiths & Morrissey VHS Collection - 46 Tapes! + Interviews & Rarities!

    Up for sale on eBay is my entire Smiths & Morrissey VHS Collection. There are 46 Tapes, and countless hours of rare footage! I simply don't have the time to convert these all to DVD, so I'm letting them go to a good home! :) Link Here's a list of what's available: The Smiths 1983-84...
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    Value of these: Our Frank Promo CD, Education Cass., Stop Me GER 7" white vinyl ?

    Hi All! Looking for a little help with what one would expect to pay for the following (I didn't find much on Popsike or ebay): 1) Our Frank US promo CD - MINT condition (as new). 2) Stop Me Germany 7" white vinyl - NM/VG++ condition - minor ring-wear. 3) Education in Reverse cassette -...
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    Value of Handsome Devils Les Inrockuptibles CD?

    I have 1 of these in NM/M condition and I'm wondering what it's worth these days. I've checked the regular sources but haven't found any recent pricing. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, -- Dave
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    Help me price these :)

    Hey all... Someone e-mailed me interested in buying the following, and I'm not sure what current prices should be. I was surprised by how high some of the pricing I found on the net was, and I don't want to rip the guy off, so I'm looking for feedback from this community on what fair pricing...
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