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  1. Lost

    Moz lyrics that baffle you

    I'll start with: "I was good kid through hail and snow I'd go just to moon you." What's that all about then?
  2. Lost

    Friday Mourning

    I love this song. Especially the 'live' version on the Earl's Court album where his voice sounds so rich. But what is it actually about? Has the person/subject of the song been arrested for a serious crime? "Dawn raid," "when Kick me down the stairs,"When they haul me down the hall," ect...
  3. Lost

    Bitterness and resentment - What's that all about?

    I've sensed a lot of bitterness on here and other places recently over the cancelled gigs. Let me say straight away that I'd be pretty disappointed and pissed off too if a gig i was looking forward to was cancelled. But at the end of the day if he's got problems with his throat and the...
  4. Lost

    How does Moz know such a lot about life?

    For a bloke who has always been pretty reclusive, not had many relationships, never married, had kids and all that kind of 'everyday' stuff, he does seem to have a remarkable insight into the 'realities' and pitfalls of these things, which is evident in his songs. How does he do it?
  5. Lost

    Getting back together......'s a very, very, old chestnut i know, but, my take on it is that i feel one day Morrissey WILL collaborate once again with Johnny Marr either in the studio or 'live' or both. But he will NEVER work again with any of the other 'Smiths'. Your thoughts?
  6. Lost

    Who put the 'I' in Morrissey

    Why do people assume that when Morrissey writes or performs a song in the first person that it is autobiographical? It's really irritating. The media are the most guilty ones but there are a lot of threads on here which automatically jump to this conclusion then proceed to equate the songs...
  7. Lost


    Why did it/does it get such a bad press? I've been 'revisiting' it lately. I thought it was excellent the first time to be honest, but i'm getting so much pleasure from it this time round its just incredible! 'Sorrow will come in the end' was obviously an 'experimental' track which perhaps...
  8. Lost

    Top Ten Moz/Smiths 'Death' songs?

    My choice...(in order of preference) Cemetery gates First of the gang to die The queen is dead Friday mourning The death of a disco dancer You have killed me Meat is murder Death at one’s elbow Pretty girl’s make graves The father who must be killed
  9. Lost

    Top 20 moz/smiths tracks with the name of a person in the title.

    ok i know, i's one of 'those' threads. But it helped pass on thirty minutes of my life in this hum drum town thinking about morrissey's indulge me.... Here's my rank order..i.e. in order of which i like best! (but it could all change tomorrow!!:D ) What's your...
  10. Lost

    My Early Burglary Years

    If it had been released as a 'new' album rather than a compilation of previously released 'bits and bobs'....could it be a contender as his best solo album? I just find myself sticking it on a lot as in my opinion there is so much quality on there and i wonder what others think of it.
  11. Lost

    Scott Walker

    I'm a huge fan of his stuff from the sixties. The albums Scott 1.2.3 and 4 are magnificent. But what the hell has happened to this guy? He seemed to go completely bananas musically with the release of Tilt and his recent album is truly, truly dreadful. Ok people move on and do different...
  12. Lost

    Morrissey and Elvis

    Different eras but lots of parallels..? Big quiff Immense stage presence/charisma fan adulation way beyond the music realism in the songs and more....?
  13. Lost

    Morrissey art imitates life

    I've just watched Scottish boxer Kevin Anderson lose his title in front of his home town fans in Kirkcaldy. As the result was announced he really did look like he wanted the ground to open up and take him down. Has anyone any stories of Moz art imitating life?
  14. Lost

    In what ways are you like Morrissey?

    looks? personality? outlook on life? sense of humour? political views? vegetarianism? etc etc... (I know we don't actually 'know' him but we do have some idea of his persona from interviews, other people, his art, etc..) I've just been reading some interviews of Moz sent to me by a lovely...
  15. Lost

    Agony Aunts needed!!

    Dear Forum, Earlier today, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, I informed the current Mrs. Lost that I was thinking of going to the States to catch one of the upcoming Moz concerts as i've not seen him for a month and was getting withdrawal symptoms, (I live in Manchester, England). I...
  16. Lost

    "I really can't help it, it's either this or prison"

    "I really can't help it, it's either this or prison". When Morrissey says this after singing "The More You Ignore Me" on the "Live At Earl's Court" CD, does anybody know what he means? I keep thinking he means that performing keeps him on the straight and narrow and from doing something...
  17. Lost

    If The Smiths had continued to this day.....

    Would their albums have been much the same as Moz's solo work or would they have been very different?
  18. Lost

    Have you ever been in close proximity to Moz? (not gigs)

    Obviously concerts don't count. I was once in a pub in Ashton-Under-Lyne where i lived (which is very close to Manchester for those of you not familiar with the area.) It must have been the very very early eighties and who should walk in one day but a very tall young man with a large...
  19. Lost

    Should Morrissey forget trying to be a 'Pop Star'?

    I'm a year older than Moz and when i was in my teens the charts were everything. I could always tell you what was in the top twenty of both the singles and album charts. It was a very big deal. In recent years i couldn't give a stuff. I don't think the charts are that important anymore...
  20. Lost

    ROTT...Your Final Verdict?

    Ok we've been promised a new album soon and so ROTT will soon be part of his back catologue. We've all had chance to assess it properly now so where does it fit into his body of work? Here's my conclusion: I've been through the whole spectrum of emotions about ROTT. I adored it...
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