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  1. RobLand

    Bunnymen with a drum machine

    Thanks. While were on the topic of the Bunnymen ... I recall hearing that Johnny Marr made some recordings with Will or some member but they were never released or they got stolen or something. Did I dream that?
  2. RobLand

    Why hate Marr

    I really want to figure this one out. I've been playing in a standard tuning since I learned back in 1991! But this looks fun and sounds great
  3. RobLand

    Unreleased song release #1 wish

    Good point! I will go on hoping :)
  4. RobLand

    Unreleased song release #1 wish

    Good point, but in general he does seem to dislike looking back. (I can relate. I hate to look at my old work.) But then again, he's still singing songs from 35+ years ago.
  5. RobLand

    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Does anyone have a clue as to when a New Adventures in Hi-Fi reissue will come out? And what kind of bonus material would it likely have? I remember at the time being disappointed that the singles didn't have great B-sides (mostly live Monster tracks) and so I assume there isn't much lying...
  6. RobLand

    Unreleased song release #1 wish

    But really what are the odds of any of these coming out? It's frustrating to see lesser bands put out all these reissues with demos and unreleased stuff but Morrissey seems very much against it. Is our only mistake that we are hoping? And I hate to say it but would it take his untimely death to...
  7. RobLand

    Unreleased song release #1 wish

    The Janice Long version of I'm Playing Easy-To-Get ...
  8. RobLand

    Viva Hate?

    :ROFLMAO: .... Actually I can't tell if you are kidding or not! :unsure: The only negative to VH was the giphy signature thing at the bottom of each post! Otherwise I was entertained. I must have missed the beastly behavior
  9. RobLand

    Viva Hate?

    Does anyone know where Viva Hate went? Viva was a regular contributor and then disappeared. I could see how Viva maybe got on some folks' nerves sometimes, but there were a lot of LOLs too.
  10. RobLand

    moz tour 2020 t-shirt

  11. RobLand

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Not really that strange or unexpected but.... A few mentions of TQID towards the end. "I totally connected with Morrissey and all his frustration and his desperate need for everybody just to...
  12. RobLand

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    I was watching the AppleTV show "Defending Jacob" and one of the characters is a 13-14 year old girl playing the guitar in her bedroom and she has a Meat Is Murder poster on the wall. I was impressed/shocked that someone on the show's set design team would have a character that young in 2020 be...
  13. Defending Jacob Sarah.jpg

    Defending Jacob Sarah.jpg

  14. RobLand

    Omega Auctions: memorabilia auction results (June 30, 2020)

    I thought I had a chance to win lot 285 for under £200 but it shot up to £360 at the last minute :(
  15. RobLand

    Morrissey Central "GANGLORD" (May 28, 2020)

    Turns out the guy on the right in the hat is NOT Chauvin.... not that it makes much difference, but him wearing this hat or not doesn't make much difference and lies will only hurt the cause...
  16. RobLand

    Alain Whyte: You Are The Quarry listening party via Twitter - 8pm UK time (May 24, 2020)

    How do we know that they are on good terms? (Please don't read that as me challenging you... just curious how we know :) )
  17. RobLand

    Morrissey's favorite albums

    This seems like they are just regurgitating old news but TBH I didn't read the whole thing and just skipped to the list
  18. RobLand

    Morrissey Central "Original Film Clip" (May 22, 2020)

    Anyone know what movie that clip is from?
  19. RobLand

    "X's comeback and Morrissey's fall when do we let musicians off the hook for thinking bad thoughts" by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

    100%! Many of the reviews I read interpreted it as being a conversation between Morrissey and some poor soul, but I immediately thought that when I first heard it that it was Morrissey talking to himself. It makes the song much more painful and beautiful when heard from that perspective
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