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  1. Danny

    Richard Hawley ripping off King Leer

    Has anyone heard his song "Serious"? They've been playing it a lot on Radio 6 in the morning and everytime it comes on I expect Morrissey to come in singing. Unfortunately, instead, you get one of Hawley's awful olde time crooner pastiches over the top.
  2. Danny

    That thing Morrissey said about Madonna.. one of the greatest and most astute things he's ever said. :D
  3. Danny

    This site!

    I've just been viewing the main board and almost all the most recent comments are anti-Morrissey posts with a level of English that I'd describe as moronic. Par for the course maybe, so I thought I'd visit this forum for a bit of balance. The first thread I click on and here we go again, a...
  4. Danny

    Kristeen Young interview about Morrissey

    Sorry if it's been posted before. I hadn't seen it.
  5. Danny

    Alain singing Irish blood

    Sorry if it's been posted before
  6. Danny

    Do you think Morrissey likes Life on Mars?

    I bet it made him all nostalgic. :D
  7. Danny

    Remind you of anyone?

    Get over it Johnny :p
  8. Danny

    Great interview with Morrissey and Marr

    Available on I'm halfway through it and it's fascinating so far. That's if you can get past Nick Kent's interview style which seems to be to try and browbeat his subjects into accepting his opinion. It's called 1985 Nick Kent Interview.
  9. Danny

    Matt Walker's website

    He's updated it with a few nice comments about Gary and Mexico
  10. Danny

    If the Smiths reformed..

    I was thinking this yesterday when reading about all the huge stadiums The Police are playing in America. If The Smiths did reform the whole thing would be a complete disaster just because of practical reasons. If they played the Stadiums we'd hate them because that's not what The Smiths are...
  11. Danny

    Tony Visconti answers questions

    He has registered on this site: A couple of people have asked him questions about Morrissey but he hasn't answered yet.
  12. Danny

    Moz the Cat
  13. Danny

    Interview with Visconti

    Bit of Moz content included,,14932-2565367,00.html
  14. Danny

    Why Tony Wilson hates Morrissey

    From The Independent: Bum note Morrissey's mercurial mouthpiece Merck Mercuriadis (a real name) has been in touch with Pandora, after the attack on the singer by Manchester's "godfather of music", Tony Wilson. (To recap: Wilson told me Morrissey was "a nasty human being" who "treats...
  15. Danny

    Morrissey's already been demoted

    To third in the icon vote$1031507.htm That will give him a bit of ammunition for his rants against the press :D
  16. Danny

    Rave review in the Daily Mail!

    Oh dear! :eek: What's the world coming to? :D
  17. Danny

    Morrissey at no. 16

    And they were quite nice about him on Radio 1 :rolleyes:
  18. Danny

    Period of grace for new members

    How about a trial period for new members. They can post as much as they want, they just can't start new threads for a while. It might stop the tendency for trolls to register just in order to start inflammatory threads to wind people up. Something we've had quite a bit of lately. It's...
  19. Danny

    Johnny Borrell feels sorry for Morrissey :D I hope Morrissey returns the favour and sends Mr Borrell his sympathies in a couple of years when everyone's forgotten about him.
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