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  1. dicartwright

    Morrissey tour statistics

    Remember the fantastic Gigographies at Ok the thing is, -i'm trying to complete mine, i used to update it every time I was able, but last time I did it was January 2010. Has anyone else been as crazy and kept a thorough gigography of both Moz and the Smiths...
  2. dicartwright

    Playing games on the phone?

    This question is for people who's had to entertain a child on the line. My 7-year-old niece calls me on the phone (no, nobody forces her) and soon we run out of ideas and she wants to play games. She's very smart, understands instructions right away and has a great vocabulary. Question...
  3. dicartwright

    This charming man

    What difference does it make? Anyone has THIS? It's What difference..., NOT This charming man! Thank you!
  4. dicartwright

    Happy Birthday Scarlet Ibis!

    Happy Birthday girl! :D
  5. dicartwright

    Channel Bee

    Is ChannelBee still online? the link doesn't work for me :confused: Anyway, I was looking for someone who could steal a couple of the videos they had there, to post for me :blushing: but now there's nothing there. And the youtube channel has very little on it. Is...
  6. dicartwright

    help finding some Elvis tunes?

    Any Elvis fan in the building who can help me? I'd like this exact version of You've lost that loving feeling (runs anywhere from 4:04 to 4:11) sounding better than this one (or Also, I'd love to find: the slower...
  7. dicartwright

    Johnny Interview request

    I think this will be moved soon...? Anyway, I don't know, I'm hopeful someone will be able to extract the audio from this Johnny Marr interview with Paul Morley for me...? I've tried it 3 different ways and it always makes funny things. Anyone willing to do the job? Thanks...
  8. dicartwright


    Who else uses Photobucket? They've decided to reduce the storage limit to 550Mb so now I've reached it, overnight, without adding anything else. Isn't that, well, cheating?? I already have 3 accounts for gifs, I can't have them all together. Two days ago I was using under 70% and today I...
  9. dicartwright

    Animated banners?

    Are slightly animated banners allowed? A gif with little movement I mean
  10. dicartwright

    Photobucket question

    Lately, and despite my previous settings, everytime I upload something it immediately takes me to a tagging page. The first time a dialog box appeared asking me if I wanted to avoid that step from then on, and I said yes. But lately it ALAWAYS takes me there. I don't want to tag and more...
  11. dicartwright

    Austria interview??

    Sometime ago someone uploaded a bootleg from Austria, and the first track was a short interview previous to the show. Anyone knows what I'm talking about? I'm looking for the interview only :o thank you!
  12. dicartwright

    Help with Moz books?

    I need, as soon as possible, a list of Morrissey/Smiths books list, WITH EDITORS (because bookshops keep asking me that), author, and year or decade if possible. And also, again if possible, which mags have had him on the cover lately? I'd need to know name and country. I'm planning on...
  13. dicartwright


    I know it's only a bunch of us who are at all interested in Morrissey fanfiction, and I know there's a Livejournal community. But truth be told, everybody's at Solo now. Fanfictions written and posted at LJ are in a coma, nobody goes there anymore. And I know there's still SOME interest. I...
  14. dicartwright

    In search of Johnny's songs

    Could anyone please upload some Johnny Marr tunes for me? I'm looking for Johnny on VOCALS. MP3 or similar, something easy. What I already have is: Don't think twice it's alright (live and in studio) Down on the corner Something to shout about The last ride You are the magic and in...
  15. dicartwright


    I was looking for a post here with the WDRE interview (1992 I think?) I downloaded it then, but I would ask 1)If anyone can cut out the songs? I need it smaller to burn into a cd together with others. 2)If anyone can tell me where the songs are from. I haven't listened to the whole thing...
  16. dicartwright

    do you know this youtube user?

    Does anyone know who this youtube user is? kgis17 She (?) claims those photoshops as hers, she said she made them and actually told me via private message a friend made them for her, and she was rude. I see a bit of a problem coming. Why did...
  17. dicartwright

    Shot's cover

    anyone able to offer a good scan of Shot's cover? I'm sure I haven't seen all the photos in that book, but I'm certain about the cover Meaning this one
  18. dicartwright

    Madrid interview video?

    I believe it's been asked for before, but unsuccessfully I think. Can ayone upload just the interview previous to the Madrid Smiths concert? I mean this one:
  19. dicartwright

    looking for pic

    The European edition of ROTT. So, the violin photo but with the pinky down Thanks!
  20. dicartwright

    Heifer shot to death in front of school

    Some of you know, I live in Uruguay. We recently entered the Guinness book with the largest BBQ. And... A scared and cornered -and already calmed- heifer was shot to death by policemen, in front of a School full of children, yesterday. The animal had escaped while being transported to the...
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