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  1. Wozzer

    James. oh really?

    How can Morrissey give his support to a band which lyric-writing is this underdeveloped: Help comes when you need it most I'm cured by laughter Mood swings not sure I can cope My life's in plaster (in plaster) May your mind set you free (chorus: opened by the wonderful) May your...
  2. Wozzer

    What is it with him and Steve McQueen?

    Where does Morrissey´s fascination in Steve McQueen stem from? He had a t-shirt with Steve on it in some photograph and a picture hanging on the wall of his Los Angeles home. Has he ever mentioned him in interviews? I just can't figure out the connection.
  3. Wozzer

    More penpal-Mackie letters? I stumbled on this link on a Duran Duran forum(!) and I certainly haven't seen these before.. You ask what we'll be doing, well, after we've tied you to the rack, the bizarre Texan sex ritual begins. You'd never...
  4. Wozzer

    Mozipedia compilation?

    Does anyone have the compilation to which you gained access via some obscure code when you bought the book? Well, I have the book but no codes. Supposedly it contained songs to which Morrissey was "grooving" to in his fruitful youth. It had Jordanaires and Brian Eno in it, that I remember.
  5. Wozzer

    Songs to be cremated with?

    Or was it singles? Anyway, a valid link for this is virtually impossible to find so if anyone cares to share this it would highly appreciated.
  6. Wozzer

    My encounter with Morrissey

    The basis of life revolves around being at the right place at the right time and I'm one lucky son-of-a-gun. Here's what happened: I went to see Morrissey play Hovet, Stockholm last night and today while taking the boat back to Finland something truly bizarre took place. Tour of refusal has a...
  7. Wozzer

    Finland Roll Call

    About a week to go to the finnish dates of Tour of refusal, so who's coming? I know there's at least couple of finnish persons lurking here on solo.. I'm naturally attending both Tampere and Helsinki.
  8. Wozzer

    "Noise is the best revenge"

    Here's a humble request for you, anyone have Noise is the best revenge? I've never heard this track, but I'd sure love to. Thanks in advance. :) (It may have been posted before, but if so, I couldn't find it).
  9. Wozzer


    Just watched the interview via youtube where Morrissey shares his opinion about reality-TV among other things. He really nails the point threre about how this reality TV-show crap that has invaded our televisions (Idol, Talent, Big Brother.. etc.) is based on humiliation of the contenders. The...
  10. Wozzer

    What's interesting in the musicscene right know?

    With the release of the new Morrissey-album still ahead what do you concider the most interesting act on the scene right now? There must be at least some new (and good) bands somewehere under the hype of such big releases as Oasis, Killers and so forth. Aching for fresh music so feel free to...
  11. Wozzer

    Anyone know the name of the "whistling-song"?

    I just can't figure this out. Been thinking of the name of the song for a long time. It's a very catchy pop-song with a big part of the song based on whistling. Sung by a female singer and maybe a man too, I can't be sure. I'm sure you know this. (My first thread by the way. Yeeppeeh!)
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