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  1. kissmyshadestoo

    MTV’s 120 Minutes

    Kevin Seal was the original host, no?....he was there in late 80s for sure....then Dave took over....but also recall Lewis Largent when grunge started getting big. Introduced me to a lot of good music for sure. Had to go find some clips....Kevin was SUCH an a$$:
  2. kissmyshadestoo

    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    I was always chuffed they released "Rank" and it wasn't the whole would be great if these were the missing tracks. All I know is that The Replacements have been going into the archives (or their label has been) and they are releasing tons of material of late....there is even a "lost"...
  3. kissmyshadestoo

    Omega Auctions: memorabilia auction results (September 8, 2020)

    Some nice items.....the 1 letter to Liz is funny stuff!
  4. kissmyshadestoo

    Johnny Marr "Would You Rather..."

    Thought the same thing.....
  5. kissmyshadestoo

    Johnny Marr "Would You Rather..."
  6. kissmyshadestoo

    What did make you smile today?

    The world needs more of this
  7. kissmyshadestoo

    Smiths booking - £1,000 + 80% after recoup

    Love it....nice find. Thanks for posting!
  8. kissmyshadestoo

    Morrissey is being made into a Funko Pop
  9. kissmyshadestoo

    Peter Hook auctioning off Joy Division items (Rourke mention)

    Mentions Andy Rourke: "You seem to really enjoy doing these tours with the Light. I’ve really enjoyed it. While the cases were going on, it was the most depressing thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I remember [the Smiths’] Andy Rourke telling me once that the case against Morrissey and...
  10. kissmyshadestoo

    "This Charming Man" played live by Johnny Marr - 9th Dec. London

    Actually isn't is split Morrissey/Marr 40% and 10 percent each to Joyce and Rourke? :p
  11. kissmyshadestoo

    "This Charming Man" played live by Johnny Marr - 9th Dec. London

    Link posted by Famous when dead: Shoplifterromo sends the link: Johnny Marr gives London an ‘English indie panic attack’ by playing The Smiths’ ‘This Charming Man’ live for the first time as a solo artist -
  12. kissmyshadestoo

    Johnny Marr interview in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant; mentions Smiths split

    "And please note: even he can not rewrite our history. I do not recognize anything in him what we once stood for as a band. " Wow.....
  13. kissmyshadestoo

    Seymour Stein book "Siren Song" includes The Smiths

    Johnny/Morrissey on cover! Siren Song: My Life in Music Hardcover – June 12, 2018 - Amazon by Seymour Stein (Author), Gareth Murphy (Author) Description: The autobiography of America’s greatest living record man: the founder of Sire Records and spotter of rock talent from the Ramones to...
  14. kissmyshadestoo

    The Replacements

    Always liked this one by PW:
  15. kissmyshadestoo

    The Replacements

    not a bad companion book if you are a fan.
  16. kissmyshadestoo

    The Replacements

    One of my favorite bands. If you haven't read Bob Mehr's "Trouble Boys" to the store and buy it. It's one of the best rock n' roll books out there. Also:
  17. kissmyshadestoo

    Johnny Thunders/Jerry Nolan picture attributed to Morrissey - FB/SER (photography)

    It reminds me of a blonde Joe Strummer in the back...
  18. kissmyshadestoo

    Was Johnny wrong to leave The Smiths?

    I wish they had toured "Strangeways". Would've been great to hear how they did those songs live.
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