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  1. This charming man.

    Today's NME debate the best 20 Smiths' b-sides. They only list no's 11 to 20 online. What would your top ten be? I'll have to have a think before I post my list. :guitar:
  2. This charming man.

    Comments like these by Morrissey

    No wonder J.M. had had enough in 1987. Love J.M.'s frown when Morrissey speaks glibly about The Doors. ngIQEeHpWPE&feature=related
  3. This charming man.

    MLB 2010 Season

    I'm a Yankees fan and this year will be an interesting one. Whilst I may have to wait until 2011, I am very much anticipating the arrival of Jesus Montero to the big leagues. It will also be interesting to see whether the arrival of Curtis Granderson is enough to cover the losses of Johnny Damon...
  4. This charming man.

    Why has crystal meth, ice, yabba etc

    Not hit the U.K. like it has done in the U.S.? Your thoughts please... It's not that difficult to manufacture so that definitely isn't the reason. This is a subject that has baffled me for quite some time, so your educated sentiments will me gratefully received.
  5. This charming man.

    Is Kewpie a real person or

    An automated 10 post answering machine?
  6. This charming man.

    Handing Out Warnings

    When emotions were running sky high on Saturday night, Sunday morning is pathetic. For once in your mod-life would it be possible to give it a wide berth around that time. I still don't know what I've been warned for as I gave as good as I got. An explanation would be grateful.
  7. This charming man.

    Morrissey Letters

    Are for reading.
  8. This charming man.

    New York Yankees

    C'mon Jeets and the boys. Let's see the Yankees gun down the Phillies after they beat the Halos last night. Good to see A.Rod coming through in the clutch in the post season after his past post season traumas. GO YANKEES :thumb:
  9. This charming man.

    Who Is Julia?

    I was just listening to the audio of 'Who Put The M In Manchester', when Moz says something along the lines of; "Julia will know this next one". So, just who is this Julia person? :confused:
  10. This charming man.

    Liverpool November Gig

    Sorry, Kewpie and co. I made a cock up with this thread. Can you throw it in to the 'Pigsty' or something? /////// walks off all embarrassed. Basically I was asking a question to which I just found the answer to!
  11. This charming man.

    John Cooper Clarke longshot!

    Does anyone happen to have any spare tickets for the Bard Of Salford at the Salford Lowry, tonight?
  12. This charming man.

    A Public Thank You

    To Helen Bach for getting me a ticket for tonight and an autographed YOR CD. Cheers, K. :thumb:
  13. This charming man.

    A-ROD caught cheating on PEDS.

    Noooooooooooo, please tell me it's not true. Well at least he's admitted it. I wonder if the 100 odd other major leaguers will now 'come out' and own up. At least it was when he was at Texas when he was juiced. As long as it wasn't when he was at NY, I couldn't give a hoot. Although with him...
  14. This charming man.

    Hugh Cornwell Hooverdam free download. Enjoy.
  15. This charming man.

    Derek Jeter

    Is it true that Jeets presented 'Saturday Night Live' t'other week? If so, was he funny or embarrassing? My American friend told me he appeared in drag and this is where I started to doubt her. :eek:
  16. This charming man.

    Slumdog Milionaire.

    I've just watched this film and give it a resounding thumbs up. Danny Boyle at his brilliant best and a superb acting display from the protagonist, Nemal. Surely a shoo-in for a Bafta with a whopping 11 nominations and deservedly so. It'll be a film I'll be watching a few times, that's...
  17. This charming man.

    Should extreme sadomasochism be legal?

    Should it be legal or illegal to indulge in extreme forms of sadomasochism, that is, inflicting pain and humiliation for sexual pleasure? :horny:
  18. This charming man.

    WTF is Johnny Marr

    Doing in Modest Mouse? Talk about someone being over talented for something isn't in it IMO.
  19. This charming man.

    The Smiths 1985 (Before Love tour) at Oxford. Excellent audio quality. Sorry if it's been posted on here before.
  20. This charming man.

    Roses fans.

    Check out the guitar playing of this guy. If he doesn't make it into at least a Stone Roses tribute band it's the biggest travesty in music. And then we have to endure horror shows like the x-factor
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