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    Hotel help.

    Anybody know any cheap hotels in York and Leeds? Kind of left it to late and seeing if anybody could help. Thanks.
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    Does anybody know where i can download a scanned version of this book? Thanks.
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    Morrissey 7" box sets?

    Where is the cheapest they are selling them? Thanks.
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    Looking for 1x Liverpool standing ticket

    Anybody got one they are selling?
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    Some videos

    Cemetry Gates/ Leeds Academy. Is It Really So Strange? / Leeds Academy Death At One's Elbow / Birmingham Symphony Hall. Doll & the kicks, You Turn Up...
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    What are the odds Morrissey cancel's Birmingham?

    What are the odds?
  7. macclesfield-town-f-c

    Looking for Morrissey programmes.

    Has any body got a Kill Uncle or Your Arsenal tour programme they would sell? Thanks.
  8. macclesfield-town-f-c

    Zoom h2 help.

    Does anybody know what the best settings on a zoom h2 are to record a concert. Thanks.
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    Help with the following

    Has anybody got the following they will sell. Can pay with paypal. Roy's Keen cd The Boy Racer x2 cd That's How People Grow Up cd Our Frank US cd Boxers US cd The Youngest Was the Most Loved cd 2 Morrissey at kroq My Love Life Japan cd Now My Heart Is Full US cd There Is A Light...
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    Recording Concerts?

    Hello, What is the best device to record concerts with? So far i think i'll be getting the zoom h2.
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    Brentwood, Essex 3rd November added

    Morrissey will play Brentwood, Tuesday 3rd November.
  12. macclesfield-town-f-c

    Has there been many....

    touts selling tickets outside the venues?
  13. macclesfield-town-f-c

    Looking for Hull arena ticket.

    has anybody got a spare one?
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