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  1. Jean Marais

    Burn Down The Disco - 28th Dec - The Thomas House, Dublin

    Burn Down The Disco for fans of The Smiths, Morrissey and their influences. The Thomas House right after These Charming Men - Play the music of the Smiths at The Village 28th Dec A night of music and videos dedicated to The Smiths, Morrissey and their influences. DJs playing the songs that...
  2. Jean Marais

    Unofficial youtube Smiths videos

    * New Video 15th Sept* My sixth unofficial video for 'I Won't Share You''. Created using clips from 1957 social guidance film, 'Social Acceptability'
  3. Jean Marais

    Dublin DJ date for Boz

    Yeah, definitely going to this. Who else is going?
  4. Jean Marais

    Wheat Is Murder screenprint by Motorboy

    My good friend and culture remixer Motorboy has just produced a new print. Wheat Is Murder screenprint & remixes available in my new bigcartel store! My print is on it's way, can't wait to frame it! More about Motorboy here; http://motorboy.into
  5. Jean Marais

    Animated Albums

    More Animated Albums here
  6. Jean Marais

    'The Smiths' '83/'84 'logo' typeface request

    Hi Joe the logo is just a typeface called 'Optima' and The Smiths logo is the bold version of the same face.
  7. Jean Marais

    I like Andy Rourke

    I like Andy Rourke, he created very most distinctive basslines. Notably TCM, Barbarism, Jeane, Bigmouth and Headmaster. I can't imagine what the smiths would have sound like without him
  8. Jean Marais

    Unofficial youtube Smiths videos

    I've put all 5 videos now as a playlist
  9. Jean Marais

    No.1 on Morrissey's birthday

    Silvas's Mother - Dr Hook
  10. Jean Marais

    Unofficial youtube Smiths videos

    * New Video* My fifth unofficial video for one of my favorite Smiths songs 'Well I Wonder'. Created using clips from 1954 social guidance film, 'Facing Reality'
  11. Jean Marais

    All New Misheard Lyrics

    These Thing Take Time, I thought it was, "the hills are alive with celibate wives"
  12. Jean Marais

    All New Misheard Lyrics

    I'm embrassed by this one: I thought in 'The Boy with a Thorn in his Side', Moz sang; "Behind the hay shed there lies a murdeous desire"
  13. Jean Marais

    The Smiths music in Hollyoaks

    I was told that How Soon Is Now was played in Hollyoaks tonight. Anyone see it? There's lots of new comment under the HSN video on YouTube
  14. Jean Marais

    Pepe Jeans 1985 Cinema Advert

    I remember seeing this in the cinema when I was maybe 12 years old. It's given me goose bumbs watching it again even though I heard How Soon Is Now? a million times. Thanks for posting
  15. Jean Marais

    Unofficial youtube Smiths videos

    *NEW* My fourth unofficial video for Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths. Created using clips from 1950's social guidance film, 'Overcoming Fear'. 'Please' is such a short song 1.52sec that it's hard to find a story so short to suit it, I think this one works really well
  16. Jean Marais

    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    Handsome devils, myself and a few others will be having a drinks in the Headline Bar before the gig, just down the road. Especially, f you're an out of towner PM me and I'll send you my mobile number. Leave no fan behind!
  17. Jean Marais

    Morrissey's icons as never seen before

    These are images from my new show 'Bluetooth Fairy'. Feel free to download, print and share high res versions here
  18. Jean Marais

    Helllo :-)

    Helllo :-)
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